Nature, Our Mother

Sun, 07/26/2015 - 00:47 -- JamSlam


Nature is one of the most powerful forces on the planet:

By its hand, we live

And we die.

Is it not the babbling brooks and sweet songs of the chirping crickets

That lull us to sleep at night?

Is it not the thundering crash of a storm and its heavy downpour

That allow us time for quiet reflection?

Is it not the gentle waves crashing against the shores of its beaches

That soothe and comfort us?

The bible says when we were first created, God breathed life into man from dirt.

And when we die, we are returned once again into the dirt from which we were created.

That dirt is our Earth;

We are the Earth, and the Earth is us.

We drink the nectars of the sweet fruits nature bears us,

And we gather supplements from its grains and vegetables.

Humans, animals, plants, everything,

Everything cycles back to that from which it came,

And the origin of our existence lays before us;

In the trees, the flowers, the grass.

Nature has nurtured us since the very beginning,

And we are often quick to forget this simple fact.

Nature is a mother to all living creatures,

And we must all remember

That just as it cares for us,

We must care for it.

Nature is our provider,

Our protector,

Our mother.

One who will always love and care for us,

And never hurt or judge us,

Just as a mother should.






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