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Fri, 07/17/2015 - 19:58 -- ask306

Some wanted to be old

While others wanted to be young

But he just wanted to be bold


She insulted him, with her sharp tongue

He was shy and wanted to cry

It was so bad that he almost wanted to be hung


But we told him that it's okay to be shy

Ignore the haters, we said

Being shy is bad? Why?


It's not. He just needed to be lead

By someone who cares

Someone who wanted the message to be spread


The message? In a world of insecurity and scares

Being yourself is key

Don't succumb to the stares and the dares


He listened to the message and realized he actually was quite gutsy

Because he stayed true to himself and that itself was a sign of being bold

He took a deep breath and relaxed under his favorite tree


Even in a world that seems so negative and cold

Positive light will always shine through

Just make sure to embrace the GOOD things you've been told













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Our world


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