Keep Your Head Up


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Life is like an elevator,

there's a lot of ups and downs,

but it's not all bad.

The ups teach us to be grateful,

and the downs prepare us for the worst.

Just like that cell in her,

that started this whole course.


Keep your head up.

It comes,

and it goes,

but nobody really knows.

Life got rougher

as the cells got tougher,

until MLK day,

that was the day.


Keep your head up,

now she's in heaven.

We know it's not goodbye,

but yet we still cry.

It's only farewell,

we'll all be together again someday,

isn't that swell?


Keep your head up,

death isn't always bad.

With death

the hurt begins to heal

and the pain she use to feel

is gone.

Death sets us free,

to be with our savior

for an eternity.

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My family
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