Butterfly Effect

I’m a dime in a dozen in the bank of billions

Drowning in the weight of numbers

So much more significant than 5 fucking cents


I’m the blur at the end of your margin

The oxford comma in the book of your story

A nondescript face not found in your dictionary


I’m Person A B C in the script of life

Shrouded in the darkness hidden from the limelight

A tiny action in a freeze frame scene


When I breathe my last breath

All that will be left of me are ashes

Without a fancy, engraved slab of rock for you to read


But my love, hatred, fear are only mine

And even if you don't know my name,

And my wingspan is small,

I rage storms in my autobiography

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Hello! My name is Kristina Yin and I am the person that wrote this poem. I thought that it would be interesting if I provided some sort of background.

My little piece was largely inspired by my existential crisises as a kid. Like most people, we all have monumental moments in our life that causes us to leave our childhood innocence behind. One of my "monumental moments" is when I discovered how insignificant I was in the vast scale of everything. We all had ridiculous dreams as children, and mine was full of superheroic acts, fame, and glory. However, when I discovered how small I was in comparison to the universe, I realized that none of them was possible. It was as if life slapped me and told me how much of an idiot I was. It was devastating. 

But as I grew older and cultivated more knowledge, I found solace in my orginality. There is no algorithm that can recreate me. I can not be copied. Even among the many humans on Earth, I am different. And who cares if no one pays attention to me? All my experiences and emotions are all fundamentally me. The only person they should matter to is me. 

Basically, this poem is a reflection of my desperation for an identity and acknowledgement. I think it's awesome how, despite everything, everyone is original and different. We all have a story - a book that we can write ourselves. 

Thank you for reading!


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