My Students Are Awesome

I was teaching a lesson

On rhetorical questions


Yes, those filled with aggression

Statement suggestion

Gut-wrenching expressions


My students blindly wrote the definition

“A question that is not meant to be answered”

Complying with my activity with little cognition


“Yell at each other!” I said

Like a parent in a tiff

Their child hanging their head

“Would you jump off a cliff?”


My students stared blankly

Giving me an example,

“Is this a rhetorical question?”

No, no, no I explained with a ramble


The day went on

And I completely forgot

The lesson before

That was no hole in one shot


At the end of the school day,

My students were silently working

But two were engaged in horse-play


“Do you know what silence means?”

I asked my two teens

They started to work without making a scene


But one of my students raised her hand with a smile

“Ms. Mersits!” she said with her humble-like style


“That was a rhetorical question!”

And I fell into a blissful teacher ascension

This poem is about: 
My community


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