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Awesome (adj.) 

        Inspiring feelings of fear and wonder 

        Synonyms include: awful, portentous, and miraculous


The need to define such a commonly used term 

stems only from the colloquial synonimity of awesome 

and good.  


The ability to discern between the two is vital;

It is the difference between living 

and merely surviving. 


There is no bright side when a loved one battles cancer,

there is no silver lining to poverty, 

and there is no positivity in heart-break. 


I'm sorry if this isn't what you wanted to hear, but the truth is,

sometimes nothing is good 

and you are not okay. 


        And yet...


There is wonder in the way that 

we overcome such ordeals 

and find solace in the possibilities of tomorrow.


        And yet...


There is fear in the uncertainty of the future. 


       And yet...


Miraculous feats of strength and courage are shown every day by the most 

ordinary of people. 


        And yet...


there is always more to live through,

to learn, 

to be.


That's the true definition of

awe-some (adj.)  

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Our world
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