Haiku Story: Amalgamation (W/ Explanation)

Haiku Stories, Volume 3:  Amalgamation


Divided we've stood

yet united we've fallen

forgetting our needs



The feeding hand also bites



A toxic nectar

As if medical poison

Healing as we burn.


However, sleeping

I'm faced with a serene voice;

It speaks in silence:


Stay your heart” she says;

Show the patience you've practiced.

Show the staying love.


Show the heart's glory

for all that it is worth; please

show undying love.”


The voice fades again,

It has been heard sev'ral times,

Sev'ral more to come.


Is it possible?

Am I chasing simple dreams

or am I guided?


Whatever the case,

I'll go anyway, since it's

good to follow dreams.



to be unified once more

with my breathing love.


Followed I have –

In circles past the moonlight;

Cycles continue.


We were great friends, then

the cycle had its way; it,

made us hate in shame.


Back around again,

now friends – must it continue?

Must we see it end?


The bigger they are

the harder they fall, so said;

Are tasks much the same?


While angels rest away,

do they not dream? Help has come –



She returns, saying:

This shall not end here, rather

it all begins here.


This will end the same

as it started; together,

Watching the time fly.”


I woke up after,

the words still ring for a while

before I get up.


Amalgamation –

What I am after; cycles

shall not continue.






Overall, it describes how a friend and I were several years ago. I'll explain every haiku, so keep in mind that some places are obviously more metaphorical than others.


Haiku 1: Uses irony to show the inability to work with one another; the “needs” are referring to what each person brings to the table.


Haiku 2: Although my friend and I used to basically fight about fighting. We had the opportunity at this point to stop, but we didn't. We've had every opportunity to sort it out but (at this point) we didn't. Eventually it became more of a reason to fight.


Haiku 3: Describes the emotion of the friendship – a toxic nectar is beyond bittersweet; medical poison is to reemphasize a supposed “need” for each other, yet show the pain from it, and the last line follows the second in that goal.


Haiku 4: Describes the voice of an Angel; the “silent voice” is to show that it's something heard yet not audible.


Haikus 5 & 6: This is a supposed Angel who is encouraging me to keep going, representing devotion and truthfulness.


Haiku 7: It is not the first nor last time I'll be encouraged by this Angel. (Ref. Haikus 15 & 16)


Haiku 8: Shows consideration of “Divine Intervention.” Represents faith in not only religion, but mostly the friendship. If it's how God wants it, it'll be.


Haiku 9: Shows indifference to the possibility of true Divine Intervention. Represents determination and perseverance.


Haiku 10: reemphasizes the main goal. “Breathing love” is both a reference to Haiku 6 and serves to present the possibility of more than friendly love, as it suggests that the love is alive and therefore being incarnate by the friend.


Haiku 11: Follows the thought of H.9. Shows that although I try, I just go in circles with an on again ---> off again friendship. Represents perseverance.


Haiku 12: Reemphasizing the cycle. The “in shame” is meant to show the emotion being both taken and given in the fighting. We know we shouldn't be, and we know it's senseless, but we do.


Haiku 13: We're friends at this point, and I'd like to keep it as such. I'll try. Represents will.


Haiku 14: Uses an old anecdote to show the tall order, and represents will.


Haikus 15, 16, & 17: This reveals that the “Angel” was the friend. The question on H.15 is to shows the lack of ambition from this friend. She returns in 16 & 17 as motivation (Ref. Haikus 5 & 6)


Haiku 18: Shows that it was only a dream. The second line uses the term “ring” to show that it stayed...there's no real significance that comes to mind on word choice. Shows hope and lovingness (combined with H.17)


Haiku 19: Simply serves to wrap up the piece. Shows determination and will.

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