Innocence vs the Mundane

It starts when you wake up in the early morning.
Your eyes crack open through the crusted tears and your body begins to de-numb itself from the countless hours of sleep.
You lay there, staring at the blank white ceiling above you, mindlessly listening to the everlasting ringing in your ears.
Eventually you have the ability to roll out of bed following the hour upon which you scroll through your morning routine on your phone. It really helps you start the day, just like the aroma of coffee down stairs.

Trying to engulf yourself in an area of success is one thing, but believing that asking the high to give it to you is another.

I'd like to think that there are some things out there that literally put the awe in awesome.
Though, it comes in little fractures of events that can simply go unnoticed.
Having to get up and be responsible is a drag. We get it. Plaster a big ol' fat F on it, but that won't change anything. It's hard to recollect what is unique about the on going days...too much mundane is in the way.
I'm exhausted, but I do take the time to become involved in what makes me happy. Happy, of course, is pretty awesome to me (and what ever is awesome to you, is your perfect cup of tea to me).

Then, you ask me, “let me get this straight...there's something worth it in the molasses movie that is my day?”
Well, of course there is. I can't tell you what that is exactly, because what is eye catching to you can be different for me. Someone's dismay may be your best day. Your best day, may be my dismay.
It just takes some practice. That's all. For only need to learn a few skills to see through the foggy days and find what is really important in the end. For others, like myself, it's going to take years. But that's okay.
I know that in the end, as long as I'm happy, then I've overcome another battle in which I've felt terrified of even starting.

Now, innocence...that's really something. If you smile at a child passing by, rather than enforce a frown into their little brains, you will potentially change their life but letting them know it
can be okay.
You just have to look at the brighter things. It takes time, and of course we all want things to happen at a blink of an eye.
That's not how it is.
To truly understand what is “awesome,” is what is important and self-righteous to

To me...something that makes my day better...something that makes it
awesomely perfect, is when I can swing on my swing-set. I'm a young adult, and I can't get enough of it.
In the dense summer heat, whilst the gentle breeze kisses my fragile skin,
and the sleek blades of grass caress the undersides of my bare feet;
While my body swings effortlessly on the timeless swing-set, I wonder...
Who is it that reminds us of the uncertainty we feel when our eyes lay upon the first welt of summer's leaves?
The sight is simple, yet too simple to bare.
Though we try to remain calm under the clouding sky, I wonder, who is it that reminds us of the separated feeling we have, when we empathize with the bruised, discolored summer leaf? Something that is so small and different from us.

And yet, I swing and take in the sun's rays, in hopes to relieve myself from the horrors and struggles of the day.

To accept the world as it is, no matter how unfair it seems, and to embark on new adventures and give a hand to those not as lucky as another...

A breath of fresh air. A cold drink of water.

That awesome.

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