for iverson, the one who taught me to understand myself

you are the smashing of boats against the shore, 

you are the calm before the storm- 

you are the rainbow after the rain, 

the reason I have no shame. 

rolling down I-64, darkness surrounding us- 

probably ten miles over the speed limit, 

not a care in the world (the cop changed that real quick). 

our favorite music blaring through my speakers, 

your warm chocolate skin rubbing against mine.

you are my best friend and you make me feel safe,

you open my (ever growing)


i’ve always wondered why you make me feel this way

when everything about you is so different,

so different from what I know, 

so different from the truths I deem to be evident…

you are cold like the winter snows, yet hot like the desert sand, 

passionate yet apathetic, 

loud yet reticent, 

soft yet unyielding…. 

you are a writer, yet you appreciate visuals,

a trombone player yet you wish you’d learned sax, 

you are forgiving yet hard-hearted, 

sweet yet angry… 

you taught me that not all characteristics 

(you are gay, yet you can worship a God that allegedly rebukes you) 

are exclusive and you taught me, 

that no matter how hard I might think I know someone, 

i really don’t. 

you and I’s human consciousness is not a solid state, 

it is liquid and it changes 

(it rolls endlessly down the tips of our being and back in waves)- 

you helped me truly understand myself 

(when everyone else thought they knew me) 

and that is why you are the best thing in my life. 

you are my best friend and the reason i love myself. 

(thank god after years of  awful self esteem and eating away 

my pain i can say i love myself and it feels so good i think 

i could cry). 

you are AWESOME (beyond all I could ever show) and my soul sings for you, 

my consciousness wants for you- no matter who I am in that moment. 

(you are like a patchwork blanket and you fit me no matter what)


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