One day without you,
is a thousand baseballs to my throat.
One day without you,
is like being run over by a speed boat.
One day without you,
is like being trampled by one thousand elephants.
One day without you,
Is a million stars dying out. 

You left me: parted from your body,
and soared to the Heavens. 
Darkness washes over me: Foggy. 
Your scent remains: Lemons. 

I'm alone.
I'm alone.
I'm alone. 
Am I Alone? 

They say that you're in a better place.
That boys don't cry.
But I look you in the face.
And wonder about Christ.

Is he welcoming you into paradise?
Is he hugging you at the gates?
Is he giving you heavenly advice?

Or is your soul simply drifting through Space?


This poem is about: 
My family


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