She Is Me

Thu, 07/23/2015 - 12:57 -- Elle18

The crowds were in awe as she filled the rooms with grace

so effortlessly the mere thought of her hidden

insecurities flushed her face heedlessly.


She was a girl I used to know as irresolute as they come

if she knew how marvelous she had potential to be she

wouldn’t have surrendered her weakness so easily.


She was a girl I used to know very coy and innocent but

like lotus flowers, all women evolve with diligence.


She became a phenomenal woman who could face many

fears standing with great posture on top of many blundered



This woman I know today is wiser, the woman I know today

works harder.


The woman I know today looks into her mirror and seeks

validation only from who she sees, the awesome reflection

looking back at her is me.   

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