Feeling Quite Beautiful

Feeling Quite Beautiful


He said:

“Don’t blink, don’t cry, don’t smile, don’t try.

Don't. Be. You.

Nobody likes a girl with a big personality.

Nobody likes a girl with weaknesses.

If you don’t care what they think,

fake it and pretend you do.


“There are plenty of young girls who want to be you--

plenty of women who shape themselves to look like you.

You are a role model, so act like one.

Don’t look at your feet for a second!

Don’t take too big of a breath.

And-- oh my-- I said keep your balance.


“Walk straight, turn right, turn left.

Now turn back towards me.

You are a young lady now,

so you need to prove yourself worthy.

Why do I see your shoulders?

Don’t lock your knees!


”Hide your chest, cover your legs.

Certainly don’t wear your hair like that.

Put on makeup-- you’re ugly without it.

In this society girls are so wretched.

Don’t be you-- you’re an embarrassment.

Why do you complain?


“Now walk out there with the brightest glow.

Don’t forget to twirl in your dress.

Lift your head--I’ve given you compliments.

I expect you to be happy.

Now do as I say.”


I say:

“But how is this good?

How can I smile?

I know I am the best.

I don’t care what you think,

and I will show my legs.

I will show my chest.


“I don’t need your “compliments”.

Is this how it is?

Living in this world means getting condemned?

Who are you to say that I am ugly?

Who are you to say that you know me?

I am an angel and guess what…God loves me!


“I will get my crown with or without you.

You who tell me what to do without even a please--

where silence replaces a thank you?

I hope as I go, you watch with envy.

I am so spectacular, and the world needs to know it.

And by the way, my hair is beautiful.


“So look at me.

Tell me again you hate me.

Tell me again people only love the fake me

because I will shoot you down.

Again and again I will come up on top.

And here is my secret:


“I don’t need anyone to tell me who I am.

I just need to realize how beautiful I can be.

I am beautiful.

I am beautiful.

I am lovely,

and I love what I can achieve.”

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This is a free verse piece

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