Overcoming the Ruthless

Open a magazine and what do you see?
You see two models tying to be
something they're not
because society tells them so.

Open two doors and what do you see?
You see two young girls trying to be
what they had seen
in those two pages of the same magazine.
But you can't say or do anything
because you don't want to be
 an outlier in the world,
going against the stream 
of people who believe you are

So here's those who feel they don't "fit in,"
to the gays, obese, and geeks.
Because believe it or not
the world is a huge jigsaw puzzle
 and you are the missing piece 
that is put in place
 in the game of life;
and let me tell you, it is

And like Taylor Swift says,
"Don't you worry your pretty little mind"
because your hair looks fine and your clothes are

Now, you hold your breath
and tell yourself, 
"I never want to be like everyone else
because I am me.
I always want to be me
no matter how ruthless or mean society may seem."

And you look to the girls and say,
"And you should never want to be me
or her
or him
or them
because you are YOU.

And you are unique.
You are special, and colossal.
This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world
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