Without Words

How is it the mind works?

Truly, how is thought expressed?

Because my mind makes synapses;

They filter deep within and fester.


That is, until they leave or cannot exist.

Or they do exist, but rather, they coexist.

Coexisting with the thoughts of others.

These may coexist in my mind, or within your own.


To have such an effect on others,

To stimulate the mind in such a way,

Is it not awesome?

Is it not awesome that these words are in your mind now?


Your mind is making synapses.

Much like mine, these are starting to fester.

Except, the words are mine;

But they can become yours.


These synapses will change,

Becoming more suitable to your tastes.

It’s as if the taste buds of your eyes, or ears,

Have broadened their horizons.


Without words, I tried to explain these events.

But it proved to be impossible.

Expression through words is simply too awesome.

It is vital to communication.


However, my attempts did not end in complete failure.

I found when you allow words and thoughts to coexist,

The feeling becomes indescribable,

Or rather, I am without words to describe it.  

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