Love is Greater Than

An earthquake in Nepal

leveled cities.

A crisis in Greece

Collapsed an economy.

A war against terror

Terrorized thousands.


Disasters all over

the world.


But we fight

            and fight

To help.

To strengthen.

To survive.



There is

Not enough rations

to feed the starved.

Not enough homes

to shelter the homeless.

Not enough tissues

to dry all tears.


A people of faith,

in despair


But there is

         enough love.

To help.

To strengthen.

To survive.


And love is


This poem is about: 
Our world



I wrote this for the Everything is Awesome Scholarship Slam. It can be hard to see the good things that are in our everyday lives sometimes. So i try to point out the bad things that people dwell on. But in the end, there is always love. I strongly believe that that is the most awesome thing out there. The world is awesome because people love others!

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