This Is How to Be a Big Brother

Press A, not B;

shoot with the left trigger, not the right one;

this is how to play a video game;

this is how to be the last man standing on this map;

move your head as you see my elbow move back;

keep your fists up;

this is how to throw a punch;

this is how to dodge one;

this is how to wash your car;

this is how to play music too loud;

do not let him near you;

do not tell guys who do not care what you would only tell someone who would;

this is how to avoid getting your heart broken;

this is how to avoid getting used;

this is how to tell which guys are the good ones;

what if he says all the right things?

his is how to tell them to talk to your older brother;

do not succumb to your genuine mindset and allow yourself to be walked on;

this is how to fall down;

this is how to pick yourself back up;

this is how to come to someone when you are in trouble;

this is how to swallow your pride;

this is how to choke it back up;

this is how to apologize;

always mean your apologies;

this is how to mess up;

this is how to fix it;

this is how to be yourself;

this is how to take what someone says about you and forget about it;

this is how to listen to music even when mom says it’s too inappropriate;

this is what a cigarette tastes like;

that’s gross;

this is how to make sure you always say that;

this is what whiskey tastes like;

this is how to fill the bottle back up with water so mom doesn’t notice;

this is how to grow up;

this is how to come home drunk at 4am and not wake anyone up;

this is how to explain yourself if you do;

this is how to dial my number when you don’t feel safe;

this is how to make yourself feel safe;

this is how to key a car if a boy ever cheats on you;

don’t touch the car before you do;

remember, keep your fists up;

this is how to stay up too late and still be on time for school in the morning;

this is how to put a thermometer to a light bulb and then under your tongue so you don’t have to go to school;

always wait for it to cool down, apparently 108 degree fevers are deathly;

this is how to be a kid at the age of 21;

this is how to come home and be best friends with mom and a dog;

this is how to take the charms only out of the Lucky Charms box;

always put the box back like it was;

this is how to walk with your key sticking out of your knuckles when you’re alone in a parking lot;

this is how to clean up a spill before mom notices;

this is how to love somebody correctly;

if you question that, ask me;

this is how to be okay;

this is how to be content with knowing the least of a situation;

this is how to pretend you don’t know the entire thing;

this is how to win over people;

how do you know so much?

this is how to live with mistakes;

this is how to pass the knowledge on;

fists up; get ready to dodge;

this is how to make sure your little sister can always put up a fight.


This is how to be strong.

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My family
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This is how to fall in love with someone:

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Sebah Ghannam

I am.really happy I got to read this poem. Thank you for sharing.


This is worth it.. Make great sense to me and to others also.. 
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Wow the world needs more brothers like you!


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This is honestly one of the best poems I have ever read in my life. If you ever have this professionally published, please let me know so that I may go out and purchase a physical copy. Thank you for sharing this, really. This is great.


How to be a person

If only it were taught

all too many forget 

and let themselves and others fall short


Big sister or brother, father or mother

all should have these instincts

most dont - 

sometimes family stinks. 


Amazing work, the repeition made sense and the poem itself was really genuine and honest, I love it!


I wish my older brother was like this.


Loved the describing words and obviously thoughtful context..

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