A smile from an unexpected stranger

A generous tip to a hardworking waiter


A plate of food offered to those not fed

A room for a child without their own bed


A conversation with a widowed wife

A book about lessons learned in life


A cure to a disease that saved a million people

A great movie that returns with a sequel


A pregnant woman giving a natural birth

A large blue planet that we named Earth


A proposal in the middle of the street

A man who is able to walk without feet


A freed prisoner for a crime he didn’t commit

A business owner receiving the first building permit


A trophy to the team that was told they’d never win

A black and white set of identical twins


A kindergarten class that sees no color

A missing child reunited with their birth mother



A gay couple fighting for fairness

A cancer survivor creating awareness


A single dad taking his kids to the park

A first kiss at the beach after dark


A baby looking at you for the very first time

A view from a mountain you decided to climb


A University professor that used to be a thug

A bereaved mother receiving a genuine hug


A seed planted that will eventually blossom

A poem that reveals everything awesome....

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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