What Would You Change Scholarship Slam

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Wake up turn on the news  And guess what I see? Another black man getting killed by police You'd think it's once a month but it’s like every week
What would I change about me? I do not know exactly what I want to be I know I want to be respectful and kind I know I want to enrich my mind
The tide collides against rocky shorelines. Under the swell marine animals swim, Between stuff which does not belong, shows signs
A working woman Productive in society Her independence claimed Important skills learned Like cleanliness, study habits, maturity, and sobriety.  
If I could change one thing. I would show you the life the music industry wants you to precieve. These artists are not what you see. No one is famously happy.  Hand them all your dreams. So they can turn out like nothing you thought they would be.
When I was 4 months old My grandfather was hospitalized One year of back and forth IV’s and monitors were normalized from infancy  
Indivisible, with liberty and justice for all Unless you're standing on the wrong side of the wall. One nation, under God - who loves all His creations Depending on their sexual orienations.  
I know I should choose to change the world But I think I'd choose to change me I'd change the way I think I'd make myself better Then I could change the world And make it stronger than ever
Sometimes I envy selfish people.  
Cyanide oozes from it’s rotting tongue; a toxic bitterness coats it’s decaying teeth It’s wide, smug grin lacks shame and regret It’s every syllable comes across like a half hearted death threat
To all the self-centered people who are blue I understand you go through stuff However, others go through them too  And you have to remember it’s not only about you
There so much discrimination, racism, hate Why can't we all just get along and be friends The percentage of killings will only go up at this rate Let's make that the new trend 
What happened to the time when people made it a point to say hi and happiness didn't come from a buy and children were seen playing outside
Why do I feel beautiful? Why is it now that I feel the most beautiful, as I stand here with tears streaming down my cheeks. Blood running down my arm. Why do I feel.... Beautiful?
I saw his face while walking through the mall yesterday. Every muscle and tendon in my body tightened and released, after comprehending that it was a stranger browsing through calendars.
seems the older you are. ure imagination seems to drift apart. a cerebral connection.   that you could feel in the heart. statistic state 96% of human beings never truly follow there dreams.
Change. Something we all seem to fear. Not knowing we are all bound to be different. But we constantly listen to society's thought and beliefs of what seems to be “right.”
Transform all limbs into wings. The metaphorical The metaphysical The spiritual creed that is so universally desired The freedom to escape and to experience Away The way of living, the operation therein, and
If I were a girlI hope I'd be prettyI'd look more like my sister And she was a modelSo I think I'd be pretty
If I could change the world I would change its loneliness, For I know that this Is the world's great unhappiness. The world is full of people Who are depressed and lonely. They have no one to love them
Little girls often forget who came before them, The rights that were fought for them, Grandmothers who fought in the hopes that someday,
Small waist, thick thighs... But im stuck with just having; nice eyes. Long hair perfect skin.  Im here trying to just get thin. Society praises the perfect woman. Although they only exist in magazins. 
There once was a boy who wanted to fly. He was an angel who fell from the sky. Tumbling, tumbling, finding his feet, He stood up, feeling the newfound heat. His wings had lost feathers, matted and torn,
I want to change my life, Which is filled with such strife. I want to get rid of my dad, Who is such an utter cad. I want to help my mother, Who needs more than any other.
I watched his black blistered fingers stretch to conceal handfuls of broken plastic forks. When our eyes shot down and our pockets couldn’t contribute he asked: “If you eat a clown does it taste funny?”.
Sometimes you get mad at me  for searching through your things. You never understand why I always have to pull on all your strings. You decide to change the passcodes, You turn off all your rings.
When is the last time you looked at me and truly saw me, not just saw through me? When is the last time you asked me how I was and expected an honest answer
The quiet sound of the sunrise,Wind blowing softly,The walls feeling the cold chill in the air. The sound of people waking up in the morning,Feet moving swiftly outside,The feeling of the brittle cold beat against the human body.---Do you hear the
There's a stupid social stigma at this schoolIt has become apparent to me that trying hard is no longer coolYou can't imagine how many times I've been made fun ofFor doing homework during lunchOr studying on a weekendOr writing poetry for funLike
I’m tired of failing I’m tired of trying Tired of caring, dreaming, screaming and crying Tired of living, but scared of dying I’m tired of chasing,
i would snatch the purple crescents under my eyes and toss them into the sky i would untangle the knotty (naughty) forest of curls on my head piled high i would rip open my chest and show the world my (still) beating heart
Dark clouds are the first to arrive, making the world seem gray. I watch as they blanket the sky. I wonder if they’ll stay.  
As a kid it hurt Stumbing onto the hard pavement Oh how clumsy was I A scratch A bruise Let the pain set in This is a walk in the park compared to what you're in for    Elementery school
lips shut tight what i might say won't be right always silent, out of sight never argue or put up a fight   I wish my voice could ring like a GONG! I wish I could tell someone they are WRONG!
Honey, Money Honey honey, you need money. Education it is you seek? You need money. 
If I had to power to change one thing it’d my family Mom and dad are always arguing While I am at home it feels my hearts hardening
Of all the things that need changing, I cannot choose just one. This is not about me. I am a part of the grand scheme. Michael Brown was not murdered so I can fight for gay marriage
Working for money is hard and stressful.The toilet brush always drips, mildew grows like weeds.Try as you might your efforts are unsuccessful. The beetles still leak from the cracks, desperate for the crumbs that feed.
Practically passive to this world, and by world I mean community... does this resinate to you?
Let us go then, you and I, When the dawn is spread out across the sky. On certain half deserted, late night flights, The muttering plights, Of restless, sterile nights In a desolate age of consumers.
Shot Heart pounding lungs burning Smoke fills the air the sounds of guns and explosions all around Senses heightened, looking to kill
Compliments   age 7 Schoolyard pick always had me on edge I wouldn’t be first, always chosen towards the end
How much does it take to push someone over the edge? Sometimes a touch imprint can make me fall over the roots hitting mountain rocks and thorns of weeds  a trapeze artist doing tricks 
Daddy left me – I didn’t know what a man’s love was supposed to look like. His words were warmth to my cold heart They picked me up and carried me away from loneliness.   “Trust me.”  
Their eyes are glued to the propaganda square searching for the latest nude or newest product for their hair
The LGBT Community needs a change of scenery This change will make closed minded individuals think differently All of us are not out here for the sex, drugs, or money
Freedom the most important freedom, LIFE, is taken away from the most helpless, the ones without a voice. The beauty of a LIFE given can easily be made
"Slim, thick, curves She has to be a brick house With a face to match"
I was crying all the time, She couldn’t be there for me. The children were sad, My heart was hurting.  
All this hatred in the world, where is the love? Has it been lost?; faded. All I ever want to see is people dancing, feeling free. Being happy, loving life, not another shooting of mass destruction.
There's a constant ringing in my ears and I never understood why. I watch lives pass by and I never understood why they were walking in that direction.
He chose kindness Of all the words in scripture the Lord chose kindness For He says it is the kindness of God that leads people to repentance So why, tell me why, are Christians so relentless
When I look in the mirror at myself I see deeper than what's my image on the surface, When I look in my reflection I am the rain and the sun nothing that can be easily undone, Most see sunshine and a halo in my reflection because I can do nothing
What do you want me to change?To take away death or pain?To take us back to yesterday? You were the one who killed me inside,You were the one who watched me die.And then you ran away to hide.
  When my eyes open I do not sigh, I do not think of impending doom. When the decisions are made, I do not cry, I do not crawl in despondence to my cold, empty room.  
When I read this and when you do too, you will think... How can I be so stupid to not be able to control this feeling
When I look at my old, dying, teenage brother I do not see the scars It scares me to think about how many People dislike him for his choices, for
Life is but a hoax A fable without moral that tries to coax You into searching for a better day While the choir and congregation all say With their passionless rhyme About the death of passing time
Everybody wants a chance to change the world
What to change I mean there's a lot of things Death ,pain, even the insane Happiness this would being But for how long Before we ponder Our own existence Are minds would wonder
The world is a swirling ball of chaos So many people Rushing about Not looking up from their job Remaining blind Ignoreing the crying child The lonely man The woman with bruises
Imagine a world of acceptance
What would you change scholarship slam What would you do? What would you change if you had the chance? What would you make different? Would you be selfish and change things that only benefit you?
Their piercing eyes look straight at me. I keep walking forward and never looked at any of them. Who are their piercing eyes? It is society.
The cup has been dropped, shattered to pieces Tears no longer come, the sea turned to dust Normal girls sit and eat Reeses Pieces We curl into balls and do what we must Three times a charm will tend to only work
Change Darling what would you change if you could change me, To make me your perfect fantasy? Would you change my beliefs? Or how I see?
If I had the ability to change anything that I wanted...MyselfThe WorldA person close to me
I would change nothing Our world is the way it is A higher purpose 
This is my body. I do what I want. This is my body, Not your’s. This is my blood. It will shed   Only Every month Of my life.   This is my body, too.
Why do we fight? People, always fighting.
Maybe we could make new laws About the use of medical marijuana. Right of indivdual to choose Individual cures.
*/ /*-->*/ Perfect student, break no rules
I pass by a woman wearing a brown coat and a red hat sitting next to a sign saying "Hungry". I plan to walk by but something about her caught my attention.
Sometimes I cry myself to sleep. I wish that people wouldn't see my faults although they are written all over my face and down my arms. I wish that kids weren't cruel and point fingers at those who are different.
There's one person walking down the road, and another person walks up behind this person, and assaults him. Then the  police step in.   They find the culprit, and reveal the information
Look at the malnourished baby boy With flies of a thousand deserts swarming his face   Look at the infected bodies Strewn all over the dirt roads of shanty towns   Look at the innocent souls
Our minds have too many tenants. If we added hinges to our heads We could evict Mr. Hate And those nasty chihuahuas of his, Prejudice, who likes to bite And Anger, who barks all night.
The winds whispered through the field as they carressed the growing grains. 
Chewing nails over broken wishbones. Wrapping your reflexes around the pills you couldnt swallow. Discovering how little we rely on ourselfs.
Pretenders on the corner begging for change Forget that I'm here advocating for change It starts with ME step out of line if you ain't about it The world can't go on like this Poor people without homes
Do onto others what would be you. To change another would be to change oneself. To change their actions, their minds, their personality, the "being" in which they are. To change one,
  These scars of mine  are like a scrap book with memories I’ve got the good, the bad don’t bother me, scrape the ugly away with my tears.   My pain never fades away
Vulnerable puppies wander aimlessly down the highway.             They are deemed undesirable mutts.             Battered creatures.             Emaciated hounds.  
Hope neither of the dark or the light but rather something in between. Providing dreams for some and infatuations for others.
Just a girl. Raised in a patriarchal family. But what is family? Abused at the age of 11, by family, stripped of my innocence.
Don't wear me out with storms of false impression The rain does not hit me and make me wet and cold Your winds erode my delicate vista away  Hold on to your hats, you cannot hold the ground  
There is a way That God meant people to be. Many are not that. But some are. And if the time comes, I wish to be counted among them.   May I break bread with beggers. May I cry with the broken.
Since day one, I couldn't take my eyes away. Your eyes drew me in, shining bright and bold I would have never thought then, that I had got so lucky I’d found my jackpot under the rainbow, my pure piece of gold  
Such a young age they begin to ask What do you want to be when you grow up? Adults want to see  how their society will be shaped. We're five we want to be our parents and our heros.
I'm tired of logging on to the internet I'm tired of reading all these hateful comments calling people fags, retards, and noobs I'm tired of adults telling us to get over it
I live in the urban area of kansas city which most people know it as a place of poverty not realizing that sure we might suffer from hunger but to be more exact we suffer for eduction.
Discrimination, Please. All you want to do is hate and they give you something to hate on so you hate. Hate is a powerful emotion. It drives people to do stupid things, Have you done something stupid?
Destruction, Construction, Obstruction, Trail down the roofs And back to the Earth. Empathy fills the darkness, Flooding the evening in tears As troubled thoughts linger
It follows me during the day and then falls asleep.   It is as dark as night,   And mysterious as space.   It makes me laugh, it makes me cry,  
Change, to make something different, transform, or convert, making a difference in lives, or committing to work, for change is never accomplished because it is always needed,
Society is a copy machine Everyone is becoming the same  It will change our world.
Change, change, change. What would I change about my appearance?What would I change about my life?What would I change about my world?
Negativity  is what I would want to change  Bring light to the lost 
When will it be Acceptable to simply be Without society expecting so much of me?   Get good grades Do community service Be in extra curricular activities When will society let me just be me?
All this violence, has its range, that's one thing  that I would change.   A bad night between couples, two many drinks, makes them rethinks their own happy nuptuals.   
She looks in the mirror and he tells her things.
Perception Deception   I want to change the way we see ourselves. I want the walls between  gender and race,
Chase away the cold and mild The months drag by in listless gloom Let the summer sun shine once more and beguile.   She makes the nights so hot and wild,
Why am I writing this?    Well, I filled out the forms, and I exceeded "the norm." I aced my classes I perked up my nerd glasses. I studied hard, I did what they said,
I know we live in an imperfect world Where what’s between your legs determines your life Will you live in fear of the night? Burdened with a plight To prove that you are more valuable 
If I could play god for just one dayTo change any one thingTo make this world a better placeThen I would make it impossible for one human being to enslave anotherAnd thus abolish human trafficking for good forever
Were I to change one thing My fear I would change This fear of life Of death Of strife Of what's left Were I to change one thing This thing I would change.
Sometimes I stop myself and dowhat everyone find himself doing some time;I take a look at the life I’m livingand at all the people around meand listen.Some words consistently rise above
Is anybody listening? The insanity has begun. The pressure sets in, it is evident that I am not prepared. I need to learn to conceal, I mustn’t let my weaknesses show.
The world needs more Not in in quantity But in quality The worlds need change Change that will bring on the joy The joy that has been taken away   The change is in the oceans
The poke of a needle, a small sigh of smoke, a bottle drained empty, a pill crushed to powder, and then you see them, the lost and wretched,
Long legs Long arms Slender Smooth Like a chair   You sit on me So much that You made me change Myself to suit Your needs
Demon lurking in the shadeonly an aidto its own gainleading always to more painGreedwe must not feed the glutton of the age make only more rage rage for morerage for envyGreed
I gave all the change in my pockets to a homeless man, but I can tell that I changed nothing. The people around me shoot him glares, the culture around him rejects his entity.
“It’s too hot outside, but too cold in the office.”             “It’s too cold outside, but we don’t have any heating.” “I got new shoes, but it hurts to break them in.”
Life is in the details.In small flutters of time,Where true life briefly prevails. Life is in a smile.The truest sign of joy,Understood in every domicile.
I sit here in the bright lights of my classroom, kid’s drowsy faces smearing together in my blurry daze as the teacher continues her lecture. She’s a nice lady, with pale skin and wide hips,
  I love college the freedom it brings  But I look around and all I see
What Would I Change   Which way does your world turn? North? South? East? Maybe West…. Mine…
The Invisible Tyrant. He haunts my day’s dreams, spits fire from his eyes; a merciless king. He shelters Pride’s silence, and savors my pleas, he coddles the darkness that tackles my screams;
I walk outside of my door
I want to change my telephone ring To a quieter, simpler, littler thing.  The default tone is cruel and shrill And wails with urgency until The pocket screaming at my side  Accompanies my quickened stride
The world as it is A frightening place to exist Hatred; Inequality; Greed They are everywhere In the Capital In the schools In everyone A little girl is abused A woman is raped
People ask me what I'd change.It's not a question I'm unfamiliar withOr one that I haven't spent countless nights pondering.People ask me what I'd change;I tell them nothing.
I would comb the beaches of garbage--sca-tter--ed trash, collect the refuse like we once collected seashells as the waves crash.   And scrub off the chemicals
As I pursue my career goals, I work my hands until they bleed, For some extra cash so you see. As I take care of a cancerous parent, My needs often go unapparent. I do not mind; after all, what are families for?
Summers filled with
I see the sky, so dark and filled with ash, And wonder if the apathy of man, Can master our technologies so brash, Which threaten to demolish nature's plan. For there exists no surer path to death
Girls in high heels, They’re the ones to blame. Girls in short skirts, They’re the ones to blame. Girls with shirts too low and breasts too high, They’re the ones to blame.
A young girl stumbles across the road Searching for answers. Her tiny eyes scour her neighborhood begging for reasons Why her parents hold tired smiles, desperately trying to Relieve her stresses,
  All over the world There are things that aren’t known,  From facts about trees To life with no ease.   Some kids have no worries, Some kids have no fears, A meal will always be there
Something that really bothers me that I wish I could change , is how the Florida Department of Education requires you to have a certain reading test score at the end of the year to get a diploma.
Society screams
A boy sits on cobblestone, his chin resting on knees. In his left hand he holds a cup. In his right hand he holds a sign. The sign simply says "Please Help."   The boy's parents were gone long ago.
Disordered             Beautiful Skin and bones             Stunning Picture-perfect              Thigh-gap                         Hip bones                                     Ribs    
The Beauty inside
Now for inside, kids play and whisper, outide, the choking air and swing-sets, abandoned. Would I change states, foolhardy, of excesses and indifference? Regarding
As she looked into the mirror, All of her "imperfections" seemed clearer. She flet fat, ugly, and worthless. The criticizing voice in her head was relentless.  
The trees are cleansing themselves: throwing out the excess. Who needs fingers? Who needs hair? Who needs skin? All is scrubbed off, and falls to the ground. The crunch is not of leaves,
There's a little girl crying in the cornerShe's got bruises all overDaddy's snorting on the couchMomma shot up and passed outHer baby's all alonewith no one to hug and holdLittle Billy working hard
What Would you Change? Would you change the way people snicker, and laugh at someone that's diffrent?
Playing sports I feel felicidad; Mis sentimientos son muy extensos.   In my mind visualizo como jugar Against the opposing team.   However, I cannot play soccer; Mi familia says they
What would I change? The answer is simply nothing. Even though the world can be an awful place... It is also one of beauty. If the world wasn't what it is today, We wouldn't have character...
  I want everyone to widen their views, until the periscope they see their world through becomes a big gaping hole in the ceiling, that blinds them with understanding.
You’re screaming, you’re yelling You’re crying in the night You wish to forget You wish to change What’s written in stone   People can’t comprehend Because they just don’t know
I've thought about what I'd do if I could make a change, Just one change to the world, but boy does it sound strange. I would take away all cell phones like they never did exist,
Time waits for no one  So I keep moving forward  But if I had a choice, I would shout with my voice "Oh, time, please wait for me!"   Then Time would look back and smile And slow down as I walk 
You can’t erase the past, You can rewrite the future. The light of the earth dims and flickers at the strain.   Restring her filament, retie the knots, Repair the bulb, find a new plant.
Freshman year is thought to be life changing Sophomore year is when it gets a bit tough Junior year is said to be challenging Senior year is when students had enough Grades are slipping, but it doesn’t matter
There she sits peacefully among her peers Not bothering a soul, peace should be with her. But she holds imperfections to the Golden Ratio, A quality rejected by society I remind you sir.
  The blind man sits and sees with his ears Sees with his heart, sees with his fears He watches the children who push and fight
Obesity, America, young and old, I must change or Death.
Everyday is like a war within myself, but it's time where I put thi
The first is a miracle The second is always optional The first gets opportunities The second gets the leftovers Rules established based on previous mistakes Mistrust based on previous experiences
“You’re too young”.
They don’t see the sadness in my eyes The way I have to live my life To fit in with them I must change who I am Even though it causes me strife   To be myself would be too hard
This can change Can’t it? Wrapped up in ourselves in self appeal The eyes see skin deep Vision is tunneled Tumultuous clamor of dichotomous culture Look only at differences between one another
Hip hop, What have they done to you? They have integrated you, had you diluted, pimped out, sold for profit. They took everything in your pockets, that held value and was capable of utility,
There are people who cry out for help Using their weary voices to ask for action But the people walk on by  Stuck in their own distraction How many could be saved? If we threw out inaction
She's in chains. She's behind bars. She's alone. But she's innocent until proven guilty?   He trespassed. He raped. He murdered.
I am like a shell, Shielded and cold, Always secluded and not afraid to walk alone.
My name is I am I know you don’t know me But are you willing to learn Exactly what I have been through I am who I am and no one will stop me   I am six Will anyone play with me
The world we live in today can in a moment's notice decay, which without reason will leave us orphaned away.   I have walked over the prints of African children, and yet nothing's changed.
If I could change the world, Id make it safe for every girl, No more fear of what lurks in the alleys so dark, No more breaking and tearing of the heart,  
Every morning she awakes in a one-room shack, feet on her back, and shares her scraps with six others.
If I could change one thing   I would give myself the face of a lion A body of steal Heart of molten lava So no one could ever burn me I would scare off the demons with my growl Stand tall
Some days I think Just today,   just for today I want to consider myself Without reading into the palmed sniggers Without stopping mid-step to check myself Worrying that what they see
Siblings of the Street, I'm sorry you have been forgotten. No family left, the only mother you have if one of Earth.  Her hugs are cold, and her skin rough unlike the hand we should have given you.
Oh, the beauty that could be,Oh, the beauty that could be,
From the very start, I've always had this problem. I have a hard time greeting people. I was never the best with words.  Nor was I ever the best with expressing myself.
Because I don't look like what is portrayed as "perfection," countless tears have been shed over this social deception. Telling myself I'm not good enough, or that I will never be,
A man sits on one side of an ecotone The tone in his minds solemn He contemplate his world For if only all chage were simple As simple as crossing this enviormetal boundary He stands steeling his mind
Do we forget, simply who we are? When the stage is empty, the spotlight soothes, the audience cheers, and the limits don't exist.   We all wonder, what goes on in the head
Another day One of hatred and greed A world of sin with no consequence For the deed No shame For the world is the same Keeps on trudging Day after day But stop
Once you were a little girl, Stomach bulging over the bathwater, Damp curls, And sunlit skies woven into your skin. You were a doctor, a princess, a dog, You were the world and all its contents
Write words on a page Yet they only fade away This I want to change 
I’m a mouse Always have been It doesn’t take much for me to hide in my little home Where I am safe from the daggering eyes Or judgmental looks of others But sometimes I get fed up
Look at the people around you With those dejected smiles. Forging a smile to make themselves Believe that their world is
Today, Depression is synonymous with crazy. My mother treats me like A live bomb, Ready to explode at any minute. She tells me that I need the meds again Because I’ve been “too irritable lately”.
Who’s that drowning in the water we displace? His voice carries over oceans, over airwaves His hand flashes while his desperate arm raves
She dances at the back of the class, Too shy and afraid to show what she's got, She never raises her hand to share her answers, Too afraid that all the attention would be focused on her, She barely talks to anyone,
If I could change anything I think it would be my eyes, I don’t like how dark they are, I want them as blue as the sky. Or maybe I would change my thighs, They rub together and jiggle when I jive.
Gay. Faggot, Carpet muncher. Dyke. "You're Different" "Immoral"
No one knows what to expect at birth. I didn’t choose this life, life choose me It's just meant to be. No one can choose, I had to learn to adapt It was either that, or end up on my back.
"Die." No. "Yes." "Drown." Please, don't. "Fine." "Hang." Stop, just stop. "Okay." "Cut."  I must plead you. "Yes." "Burn." I beg all of you. "Fine."   "Just stop.
There is so much going on in the world today. From malice to murder, So many things I could say. Why must we seek to hurt and harm one another? Whether it's a loved one or a stranger,
I heard a story one day, to my surprise I had nothing to say, It was something about this girls name, The sound? The origin? It soon all became a game ,  
I will admit, I have made some mistakes, But I have never made any so great, As the times when there’s been things I’ve decided not to say. Or everything I have ever missed because I was afraid.  
Everyday I see the tradgedies around me, But yet I never think to change something that is within my own range.  To provide love and happiness  to those that only know fear and lonlieness, 
If I could be anything it would be a little bit braver, so maybe you wouldn't curl your lip at me like you do 
They called her names They laughed as she cried They pretended to be friends with her They filled her head with lies   She believed their words She took it to heart
Look at her, look at me; its gold, versus silver, the sun against the moon.   Where she shines, I am dim; saught after, and alone, the Beauty and the Beast.  
Heart is pounding, eyes wide with fright, A gun flashes in the night.   Running hard no where to go, Red blood in the snow.   Relentless hunters seek their prey.
He stood at the crossroads, looking in all directions. So many options open to him   Five roads is more than enough   He must find the one he is searching for. The clouds begin to come
Flying cars and touch screen robotsAn ideal future installed in our heads Modern day Americaexcessive food and comfortable bedsApparent sympathy we claim to haveon the roofless street inhabitants
A mist in a dark forest,  it intercepts a desperate call for help. A royal palace built upon centuries of stone carvings mistaken for a haven.  It is the tool  that breaks into the fortress
I want to change my reflection.   The curve of my nose
A bridge between people and the recesses of minds Reaching into the depths of where they have been Is the greatest need in a world filled with conflict
Every introduction starts with a game: A game where questions are asked and eyes are rolled.   People wonder how much money you make and what college you attend,
A Cloud Who looms on the horizon, threatening to blot out the sun Or the moon Or the stars Or Heaven itself Ever-present, ever unplanned, It will always be there, always close at hand  
  Brussel sprouts
A Photograph of The Past   I’m laying here, the ceiling’s caving in. I’m staring up in a gaze waiting for the fallout. I’m still, I will not move. I will lose myself in this crumble.
A handful of pillsA gun to the templeA noose around one’s neckOr perhapsStanding at the top of a tall building.  
If I could change just one thing, without the need to hesitate. It’s the cure, what I would change, To erase your existence from Earth,
Spare Change, spare change? Pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters, anything The poor family asks every morning Holding out their tiny tin can to passers-by In the same raggedy clothing
Todays the day to change what you want. Do you want to end all the drama or do you just want to stunt? The opportunity is racing and running through your head. Do you get up and change something or just stay in bed?
I look back at the pictures. Her sparkling brown eyes seem to look straight back at me As her contagious smile warms my heart for the millionth time. I come across my favorite-
Fitted firmly on tongues The Other F-Word  Casually dropping Like feet from chairs   Festering wounds Rattling in empty heart chambers  
if I couldi wouldchange every mirrorto reflect nothingbut our soulsso when the world glances,they see their beautybeaming from their hearts…or identify the crueltythat may harvest
Pregnant womanGets on busNo empty seatsNo one gets up Elderly manCan't reach top shelfNo one looks upNo one offers to help
What was it like to be 17? It was never feeling good enough. It was laughing for hours until my sides hurt It was being terrified about my future
  I’m no good at being a poet
If someday I could bring change to this world with only but a single word I’d say it’s worthwhile to smile A smile never cost a dimea smile is most definitely not a crime Smiling is the way to make a person’s day
Up looking down, or down looking up, From a birds eye view or the eyes of a pup, We are surrounded by struggles and strife; By tax forms or heartache or the threat of a knife.  
Though the world itself remains sunny, Its brow is darkened by clouds called money. If I could change just one thing, Peace to the anxieties from money I would bring.   All evil's root is the love of money,
Peering through his half-opened eyes, he knows he must arise, for yet another day to go through life existing as the weakened prey. Light shining through the curtain; yet another day uncertain of why
When people hear that word No one thinks of the power behind it It is as deadly as any weapon on Earth And an instigator for many of the world's problems: The blood that is spilled on the battlefield of war,
“Only when the last tree has died and the last river been poisoned and the last fish been caught will we realize that we cannot eat money.” – Cree Indian Proverb So here I am, standing alone in the open.
I would tell time to stop ticking so fast. Plead the sun to set later, and the moon to rise even later. I don't want the crickets to start chirpping so loudly already. I just want to stick to the past,
Look at what you've done. The PRECIOUS GIFT you threw away. Redemtion for you is gone. Your child, WITH US, is here to stay.
Her way of beating one down With her Artic words. Cutting like a knife She slices and dices Till she feels above But still seen as a White dove
I want to change the way little girls think about themselves.
My view, your view, his view, her view
If I had the power,
What would you change if you knew the end was near,
You hear the words and you smell the cologne It draws you deep because you don't want to be alone. His words are like the calm wind in the spring He just wants sex; Your heart doesn't mean a thing.
If I could change the world I would change  the wage gap the catcalls the disrespect the dismissal the phrase "Don't be such a girl"   If I could change the world
If I were the Almighty and Powerful from above: Poverty would be eliminated. No children would ever sleep with a vacant stomach. No parents would ever become slaves: toiling from dawn to dusk. Crimes would dwindle.
If I could I'd change their eyes Because everytime I'm myself They seem to look at me And judge me "Who is this kid?" "Why doesn't he smoke?" "You sure you don't drink?"
 Descrimination.If I could change anything in the world it would be descrimination.
When I slither down his throat I sit and rest in pride. I have conquered him once again,
If I could change one thing in the world
You brought me into the world I cried You gave me a life Who knew it would be filled with strife?   You brought me into a home I cried You cared for me You gave me a sister
Spark of frustration. Discrimination. Crime. Violence. Rape. Exploitation. Fraud. Abuse. War. Spark of fury. What would you change? Change everything that incites a fire within my soul. Eradicate injustice.
Laughing and playing,
If I could change Anything, I would change the monotony of life. People pushing time clocks, Doing the same set tasks, over and over and over again.   LIfe is about living. 
What would I change? Such a simple question With no simple answer.  
Rape Beat Kill Four letter words that happen in Jail Packed in like sardines in a can While trying to fix what is wrong with society Trapped in cages like battered animals We boast about
Little kids running around with their bellies full
I own a body covered by scars. Months ago I had to go to the E.R., (an infection in my lip) and the doctor saw those scars lining the inside of my wrist and if he thought I missed
If I could hold a heavy hammer,  I would build a tree - something. 
  Outside, Inside    Stone on the outside, sponge on the inside  Absorbing every feeling, holding it in  They expand inside, they cracked outside 
Lo! And Behold! We Have The Will To Triumph!   On the mouths and heads of demons, Are the thousand names of damnation.   They are:   Death, war, lust, greed, Hate, rage, pain, fear.
This poem is a response to 
If I could change one thing, Just one thing What would it be?   Would I change the color of the sky? Or maybe give humans the ability to fly, I could change the food in schools?  
Baby breathes so sweet, so easy Life is a bowl of Cheerios   Learn to walk, learn to talk
iam  not bigand iam slow to speechi spend my nights aloneforging plans for better daysbecause i am a wallflower.wallflowers are unassumingagents of change.
Is there a reason why the wound covering my heart bleeds?
Change is upon us. It happens every single day. So I must discuss in great dismay.   You see, at an early age we were all taught, that respect was key.
If the world was made of gold, would people be sarisfied? The greed a person can possess can push them to their limits. Greed is one of the worst sins personified. I mean, people have died
Life is about change, A time to rearrange. Sometimes you go with the flow, Other times you just don't know. We need to find a way, What we feel...and Say! A world that communicates,
Ninety-two point nine four percent.
Living life is sometimes hard Not everyone is lucky enough to get the good cards But it’s not what you get that matters in the end It’s how you react It’s whether or not you’re that friend
A sillouete strides by Legs concealed A turtleneck almost trespassing her face She was a woman.   And she waited. Her shoes clickety-clacked. Clickety-clacked. It came.  
I close my eyes & in my mind
I had a dream that everyone was happy, that every dreamer reached their destiny, I had a dream that no one judges each other, that we laugh and smile happily to one another,
In front of me I should see my future. But no.   In front of me, I see a pencil. The pencil is on top of a test. The test is on a desk. In front of me lays my future.
Change is something difficult, Not something that can be done in a day, you must work hard to get where we wants to be, for me it's to be healthy, not skinny but thin, not lighter but stronger, someone that I'd be proud of when I see how far I'
        Do you remember who you were before the world told you who you were suppose to be? People often think that you must have a specific skill set, look a certain way, or have a certain amount of money to be an acceptable human being.
You make me sit, For endless hours, For endless years, Working toward a goal. You force me into interaction With those who hate me And tell me not to talk To those I count as friends.
I wish for the world to be a little more gratefulA bit more appreciative,a little less hateful
The Change   We all want to be The Change The Change that improves the lives of many The Change that is praised by all
Imagine everyones thoughts Being clear to others as day, The motives, the incentives  The things that make us act a certain way   Would our behavior be any different Without any secrets to hide?
Discipline That's my father's favorite word Education
there's a good fairy who goes around at night, turning off all the alarm clocks. if everyone wakes late, then no one can get distraught or stressed or worried or tired. people don't want to thank this good fairy
HER HER hair is not as long as mine HER body is not as skinny as mine HER face is not as beautiful as mine
What would I change if I were you? Or you? Or....you? What would I do? I would look around and see that the pain you bring to others, is the same pain you inflict onto yourself...
Yesterday, I walked alone to class, I studied quietly, By myself.   Today, I sit and read, Studying still, Alone.   Tomorrow, I will be different,
This is not reality, but it should be! I imagine a world where kids don't kill themselves.
To be free. To live as those others live, with smiles plastered crookedly on all of our familiar faces visions
If I were a superhero, with the powers of the universe at my hands, and I knew how to use them to satisfy my heart's demands, surely the world would change; would it be for better or for worse
  The clock ticks and ticks But her thoughts are fixed In the nightmare of her mind. As she sits on the bed Traumatized; fingers shaking, a busted lip and a bruise on her head.  
It's a pain. A sprain to nurse. You just won't let up. You are a reflection of "us" and apparently "us" just don't give a fuck..... *sigh* You damn clowns. Go on back up under the big top where you was found.
What? What if... What if we could? What if we could take away the world's pain?
Inspired by Billy Collins   It would be a lie to say I don’t have a habit of writing About every tragedy That is headlined on the evening news, A lie to say
The closet door pounds As he lies safe and sound His father checks under the bed Expelling bad thoughts from his head Monsters aren't real; he knows he lies Behind that door lies his demise
Hmmm let me think, what would I change? Would I start working much more, to build an immense wealth? Or should I quit my job and start focusing on my own health?
A kind of plastic bag, maybe? Because it hugs my skin with a hundred little teeth Pulling so tight my breath is hot and sticky On my lips, but does not reach very far. My eyes hunger for objectivity
Phones have taken over society more than they need to,due to their simple and faster ways of getting things done.While it does have many wild apps, kind of like a zoo,
When I was seventeen, A guy was driving me home from dinner (which, believe me, did not happen all that often) And somehow, the subject turned to school He thought it was cool, he said,
If i had one change to change the world what I wouldn't give to have that chance  I would end world hunger in that way saving more lives 
If I could change anything I would grow claws and teeth long enough to cut through the fake, plastic coating  that covers the world saying one has to be
It was summer when a little girl plays on swings and slides
If I could change one thing It'd be the relationship with my dad So we could finally get along Instead of always getting mad   We're both so very stubborn Our skulls often collide
  I would change the view of a minority, A minority currently is, Anyone who has squinted eyes, Or is darker than the average spray tan, but naturally.   Minorities are gifted,
The tang of your tongue is bitter like vinegar, and I would much rather it be like a strawberry coated in crystals that dance around the insides of cheeks. For the change in the taste of your mouth
To be free.
I will no longer drown the quiet girl that reaches so desperately for air only to have a hand pressed to her face and shoved back into the water filling her lungs.   She will rise from the dark oceans
I wouldn't change a thing  about this horrible and beautiful world.  Sure, it's full of stupid, terrible monsters  But they mix with the wonderful and exciting, so much so that I can't tell them apart.  
If I had the power, Well first I’d need an extra hour. If I had the power, Perhaps the world would be less sour.   If I look at their faces, I feel pity but, time races.
The clock is ticking. The world is slipping  into a state of decay.  Our parents won't see it, 
With you, my friend, we spent a full day exploring our city And I can't even begin to describe the tingling that is still surging its way through my body as I lay awake in bed.
If I could change one thing I would change my choices I would have said no to the peer pressure No to the party No to the drinking I would have said yes to being the designated driver
Flowers are growing Because the Sun is shinning People are sleeping
I see today’s world as a world of many faces. Our life is a mess we whine about on our Facebook pages. Teens tell each other that drugs and sex are cool, And yet if you get pregnant, they look down on you.
Troubled by the infinite A glass box, invulnerable
All of her life she had been trappedIn this body of a girl,And if she did not have cropped, messy hair,If she did not wear loose clothes,If she were not me,She would have been beautiful.
Standing i
The fish say he doesn't care, Whether in the lake, pond, or ocean, Even if he doesn't know how to swim, He say he'll practice, Even if it takes years, Or all his life, He say he'll practice,
I wish I could draw,      to paint still-life with ease,      to mix the colors and make a masterpiece. I could pain men in nude,      and women too,      fat and skinny,      slim and obese;
On Ivy Day we learned that not everyone can hope.
Let none feel a fool I feel we have all been played Let none tell a lie
Days zoom byI want to cry,So much painIt's insane,Why do they hurt me,I can never flee,My one enemy,The bully.  
They knock against each other, clanking and jingling with every step, their combined weight pulling me down until I become one with the funeral home’s jaded carpet floor.   I pull one out—
Individuals fight night and day They use their money as their might
Change is the wind. Bringing with it new things Both tangible and intangible Taking old things Constantly happening Giving Destroying Always happening Change is the wind.
I close my eyes and I see myself
I stare at a few square inches;I wish they would stare back.Why should this patch ruin my life? As the patch seeps poisonMy veins have become tainted,The garden that soiled by a foul supply.
If I could change one thing it’d be the meaning of a rainy day. I’d make so that the children all can laugh and play. Rain isn’t to mean, gloom, drab, sadness, or fear. Rain comes to wash away every broken hearted tear.
I look at my parents, my supposed teachers I try to see them, their minds, But it's like trying to see through a wall. Their minds are closed; Shadowed by hate, Shrouded with ignorance.
What would i change? endless things, but in my community,
“God hates”
To be given the gift to change something in life, for anyone… Selfish me, says to change my attitude, to change the way I view life.
If I ruled Chicago, the bastard sons of shackled ancestors would know freedom and equality Not tolerance If I ruled Chicago, I would ban skittles and black skin so maybe Trayvon could've lived
That look you give when I walk into Your store Your room Your world what is That? Judgement comes flying it stings not even a word was spoken just that Look you gave words
Speaking. Laughing. Whispering.  We soon take for granted what comes naturally for us. What's that? A Stroke? Diagnosis of Parkinsons?
            The skinny girl looks at herself in the mirror. Her lips are chapped; as she licks them she finally sees what her parents have been telling her for months. As she lifts her arm it looks like a stick that could easily be snapped.
America is beautiful. From its fragile birds to its magnificent predators. I have visited many beautiful places in my life time and none compare to this wonderful land of freedom.
What change do I want to see in the world? Beauty queens will answer "world peace" In hopes of winning the pageant Advertisements on late-night television  Promote the end of animal abuse
What would I change? I could change my whole life if I wanted What would I change?  The mistakes I've made and bad decisions What would I change? My way of thinking What would I change? 
Everyday I hear the media "generation's changing" laws get passed, DOMA's trashed,equalizing marriage But I still see the disparage; like there's no one here caring Shadowed by the demise gotta push myself to thrive
Resting my tiresome eyes, whilst not listening to whom has to speak; For I know what the truth is, yet no one sees as clear as the words that go unheard. These beings make no sounds, a voice box gone to waste;
I am fragile And I have worn down my bones to the quick Where my words have become quiet whispers and my yelling is deaf Where I have no reign and my tears have not stopped
The White Walls are coming downI thought I couldn't see color, but I doAnd so does everyone around meI realized my advantagesI am ashamedI see your disadvantagesI am sickened
I would change the availability of music concerts because music inspires us to become more than what we are and at times better.
Our minds tortured by the cruelty of Society Mindless zombies don't wonder  what Is Right or wrong. Is it actually alright? No. It is 
Smiling eyes all around joyful laughs surrounding the air being breathed Though poor, they have more happiness than most with money Small, bare little feet Lacking in the basic necesities 
I can change the World,  Make it a better place. I can change the World, No matter your religion or race.   I can change the World, For greater good of all.  I can change the World,
Walking down Main Street, USA, Everyone skips with joyous mood. But if you look in a alleyway, There resides a solemn attitude.   Faces of the world possess, A mask of pride and joy.
I don't want to change my hair,Just because you say all black girl's hair is supposed to be straight.I don't want to change my eyes,
Mistakes, they rip apart our souls, thrashing against minds like waves against rocks. The guilt and anger taking over the controls.  Our every whim our every way. 
Who am I to say what is wrong?Who am I to change those scars?The cuts run deep. Fissures to the starsSplit open and ruinedWhy is this Earth so scarred?
My hair My eyes My height All things I could change But what I would change is something much more  It not about myself, its about the world Rather than helping one sole, It would help much more
My pretensions now become me. Now you know that once upon a time I was innocent. I could skip a heart- beat and survive. The clouds could fall from the sky and the oceans disappear. That is such as a life and how
Wouldn't be nice to have a world like we've all imagined?Not a candy land,but an environment so welcoming and invitingthat every place you went felt like home.I would change the world.The whole world.
Grades Tests Stress Stress Stress It builds up from birth to death We live to work and work toward death Ambition Drive Stress Stress Stress
What would you change? I would change  the people that backstabbed me. What would I change.... The people  Who backstabbed me And turned their back When they was need most
I know what I've doneTrust me it wasn't funHurting you in the deepest of waysEven after you made my day.They say the heart wants what it can't always get,
B ack to this, again, I see. L ittle girl, it's not your fault. A wful things happen to the innocent. M olested, you say? E ntirely your fault?
If I had a chance to change the world, What would I do? Wish for politicians to be true? For the country to be united? For broken families to be righted? Perhaps I should wish for children to be fed,
How do you choose just one thing to make the world a better place? Do you go big? Or do you go small? Is there one thing that is greater than another?   Some things don't make a big difference,
What Beauty Lies Here? What beauty lies here in the aura of a weed? In a contorted parasite,
It would be great to live in a world where people still respected physical things. Where everything didn't have to be online, and we could all have paper magazines and paper papers.
Charity, the pure love of Christ Happines, true and lasting Righteousness, the perfect example I am, before Abraham was
The scars on my body are enough to scare anyne away.
People say that eyes are windows to the soul. If that’s true I wonder what people see when they look into mine My hopes? My dreams? My past? My present? Every pitter patter Every yes, no, maybe-so
They isolate him for his skin color,an indication that he does not belong.They mock her for the way she smells,a part of her culture so easily dispelled. They laugh at his accent and the shape of her eyes,
If there is a heaven When she arrives Will she be 19? If her family gets there One day How old will they be? Will everyone’s ages progress, normally, as down here on earth?
The minimum wage shouldn't be so minimal.  How are we supposed to feed families on money that isn't even sufficient  to support us as individuals? This is criminal. Why won't freedom ring?
The inflation of our lungs, the intake of her air, the pressures high strung and oppressed by a blare. The passive thrill in obtaining a gill drives our imaginations to a realm of aquatic sensations.
We are the seasons and change with cheer Winter starts us off in the new year Spring comes next without any tear Summer is after with air so clear Fall then appears with falling leaves and running deer 
Look at the person who stands before you. Tell me, What do you see?
Your morning routine  when you arrive at work: Grab a cup of coffee
We aren't trying Why aren't we TRYING We have put a man on the moon (more than one) We have invented a tiny device that is a camera  a phone a music player and so much more
Goodbye to the Monster Within   The monsters crawl through the hall On the prowl for an attack on one and all
Oh please finish those thoughts, don’t let them flee   Grab them, stay strong, don’t watch them run like brood. Less than a green leaflet, part of, only— No less than spattered droplets of my blood.  
21,000 every day 14 every minute 1 every four seconds one CHILD dies every four seconds!   poverty hunger preventable diseases silent killers!  
around the world, people are happily getting married to pillows,
On a cold wet night, as you lay in a bed, feeling just right. Give this a try,  without blinking an eye. Step out of your door, stay there, as if you were homeless and poor.
I'm tired of walking down the streets With girls gripping my arms in fear Fear of catcalls Fear of men Fear of bigots and most of all: Fear of people without respect   I'm tired of hearing
Boston is such a beautiful city, Especially in the winter. Don't you love the lights that shine On the trees near Quincy Market And the laughter you hear From the people all around you?
It may be difficult to see the world, through another's eyes. It's hard to travel through the fog, created by his lies. If only we could take the time, and take our enemy by the hand.
She flutters her blue and black wings, Looking to land on something Beautiful, but where? All she can see is garbage, destruction, and despair. No flowers in sight, no trees where they were.
Lemme change one Just one little thing About this big bad world we're living in   I'd change  - well nothing   Yeah, you heard me
When I think of what I would change, if given the chance, Through my head, ideas, they run and they dance.   I could look like this; I could sing like that. I could make myself skinny; I could make myself fat.
Being scared is no longer OKAYBeing weak is no longer OKAYHolding ourselves back is no longer OKAYHolding our hands is no longer OKAY
How much meaning makes a poem? Need it be anything at all? What if I told you about a poet An old man who knew he was a sage Just no one else heeded his cardboard signs.
His name is Prometheus Defiant titan and giver of fire Rising figure of humanity On his trail we can follow to the magnum opus of human feat But time is never on our side
There is too much hurt in the world. Hunger. Illness. Poverty. War. I wish that I could change it all.  I wish I had the power, To give food to all the hungry,
Rising unemployment rates Keep me up at night I apply to many places, but when will they respond?
Shadows keep us Stuck to the ground What would it be like, To finally fly?   Shadows: Fears kept together in such a way To create nightmares, Such worries keep people on the ground.
The life that I lead Creeps on a crutch: The tight but tender Hand of Mom's Love   Protecting me endlessly Here in her nest The Hand handles my head Since Mother knows best  
Welcome to the sinewy stream-of-consciousness that is my life- filled with run-on sentences, sprinkled with unconnected metaphors, dotted with imagery that could only strike up images in my own imagination, complete with oxford com
When I was little, I was fat.
What would it be like?   A world in which people realize that the present moment is all there is. One big breath-- all are one. I am a piece of a larger organism.  
What would I change you ask? I would change you! I would change you and your bad attitude. I would change your harsh words and critism.   What would I change you ask?
If I could change one little thing I would change the distance between you and me From where you are now, you see
If I could change one single thing  There's only one choice for me  For I'd make the place that we call home, a better place to be   There'd be no litter resting on the ground
If I could change one thing... I'd change the world. I'd change the country. I'd change the state. I'd change the city. I'd change the school. I'd change myself. Would I change?
"I walk down these streets and see the flowers line the wall,  I walk down these streets and see the buildings grow so tall, I would enjoy them, trust me, I have the time,
I’m bad I’m slutty I’m crazy I’m intriguing   I am But so are you   You’re intriguing You’re crazy
  I Gaze at the coal black letters
No Greed, No Indeed; No neighbors slaying trees to harvest their vicious cash -- slashing the earth, killing the birds, infecting the water with their filthy poisons, hacksaws, gravel. 
If I could change the world, racism in each country would be put to an end, By breaking all barriers with conversation, learning more about each other and making amends.
There’s a reason why we all are trying To write for Power Poetry, Today’s education costs are flying As if it were some poultry. If given the power to change one thing
Why are you always lying? Making false statement,          Deliberately made, With an intent to deceive others.   Why are you so jealous? Feeling that other are rival,
What would I change? The question lingers in the air One thing Only one thing to change
What I would change would be me I’d be an example for others to see I wouldn’t complain about inflation I would not ask for a change to the nation No protests against pollution
  when i was young and the world was small and finiteness had no meaning i thought that everything lasted forever and that the earth was one of those things.    
If something could be different what would people choose to fix?   Would it be their hair their eyes their skin or their smile?   Would it be an action taken back
Subsidize education, Let it be free.
Every day there's  always something wrong.  When we walk around, people get angry at silly things when we could all just enjoy the days we  have left.  Friends fight, 
Peeking into the future once again, Our earth in ruins is all that I see. With humanity unable to bend,  How long can we go without the last fee?   Tornadoes eating towns despite sorrow, 
Time is always short the best time to act is now do not waste your time
  Our SCREWED UP Generation  
You scream and you shout. No one's answering and you ask "Why?"  This world is cruel.  Get used to it. 
Green and Blue Are led into the room Old Man Evil Sits atop his wooden throne The Mallet of Justice In his dark grip   “You there!” He turns to blue with a glare
What would I change? The answer's not clear. For as many things there are I hold dear, I spy with my eye, an error or three, A symphony of misdirected sympathy,
What would I change? The answer's not clear. For as many things there are I hold dear, I spy with my eye, an error or three, A symphony of misdirected sympathy,
Stuck here, In this chair. Hey man at least its got wheels.   I never get to leave this thing. It sucks, Day after day I sit here, To be honest; Its not even that comfortable.  
What would I change...? A whole hell of alot if you ask me.... Why is the melanine in one's skin persecuted? Why are people hate for their sexuality? Why are people considered aliens...?
Her Pain, delves from Trust. Her Mistrust, spreads from Pain. To change Her Pain, conquer Her Mistrust. The death of Mistrust, to rebirth a heart with Trust.
What is change but the movement of body and soul the inspiration for new for scary for what is beyond the now A desire to be something different something better
The changes are occuring The season are flowing The girls are all working out, while the boys run about She looks in the mirror and what does she see? Not a beautiful girl of only 17,
Such wonderous pieces Spread far and wide With various colors that often collide We separate them  And choose the colors While some with one, while some with others But behinds these colors
To change the world is a dream many wish to achieve, But thinking we actually can is sometimes hard to believe. See, we live in a world hungry for power and filled with greed;
Society is the worst Thinking they make the most
It is truly a scary idea. A part of life this is though. People come and go, so why are we afraid? Why are we always doubting the good in change?   World peace, saving the world.
Change people's actions For others to help one another  Instead of staying in fractions
I stand in the crowd the smell of cheese fries and shouting women aching head and burning eyes Ouch, my eyes! Pompous athletes Balloons pumped full of bravado
  Days change, seasons change We age Minds grow hormones flow We rage Images, false images enough is enough Display something real What’s the point of touch ups?
She smiled at me   And that was all it took Suddenly,
  They walk past me  
Life is short But it's the longest thing you'll do Be who you want to be Not who others want you to Surround yourself with people who care and understand
Not a change but an ending. Grace Crnojevich  
I may not be a god,
What is education worth? $15,000.00, $25,000.00, even $70,000.00 a year? How much is the difference between a life of poverty, or a life of success? Can I find it on clearance?
"it's just a phase," they told me. can phases kill you? "it's just high scool," they told me. it's loneliness, it's hell, it's almost fatal.
*/ /*-->*/ Change one thing, One thing only.
If it could be changed I would change it in a beat, Make sure everyone heard from here to Easy Street, And bring them to see things through my eyes, What I see, what I feel, and what in my heart really lies.
What is change Is it alive, does it breathe Is it invisible or something we can see What is change does it move does it act does it come from new minds or ones from the past
In America, Winning is based on beauty and not who is true.
If I could change Just one thing My thing Would be SOCIETY They're changing our thoughts With tempting items To change ourselves If I could change Society I would make it be
I am reclusive, Social anxiety sucks, When i see my love, I might have faint or run away, I would change my life,  To be geniable always  
Money is power Money is everything
Where is Light?  We need it.   Sometimes, Light is all around us. We usually only risk a furtive peep Then hide behind our hands again.
he ran his fingers down my spine
A blooming body, a flourishing mind, A thriving prospective with diminishing time. Sustained habits, consistent ways “Comfortably settling for less is okay” But it’s not alright, it is not fine
What to Change? What would I change may you ask many have ask the same with me and the same answers being given.
If I could change one thing it would be my procrastination I'd say it must be ranked no.1 in the nation I applied my css late, cost me 20k off my tuition I wish i had some intuition
If I could change the World
You ask: If you could change one thing, What would it be? I think: Racism, No; too specific. Discrimination. No, that's not enough; broader! Suffering! But-- wait-- 
Let's take a look Look up Up away from that iridescent screen   Let the grey surroundings turn green like the trees And yellow daffodils  Pink pansies The blue ocean Can you see it?
What does it say to the women of this country: when an HIV positive woman is raped
To hold a hand Not just with your palm But with eyes and ears and lips That bustle to form song To hold a hand that has been shattered or bruised Confined by stereotypes “It’s not allowed here
We all go around in our own little way, and ignore those who need just alittle help Its sad when we speak and only vowels are sound  We need to help the homeless, the broken and the starving
Little sweet creature Alone in the night
Hate disappears Prejudice disappears A world wear racism vanishes and love appears A world wear judgment vanishes and acceptance appears Prejudice disappears Hate disappears
there is an onslaught of thoughts
Of all the species in this world, Why do we hate others of our own? Where we come from, no one can be sure. But we found each other, stayed with each other- perhaps it was the cold-
If I could change one thing, I would change currency If I could change one thing, I would change the world's currency I would change the currency to something more meaningful than money
Change is so main stream people do it everyday Be you do not change  
You do not know me. I am just ink on a paper. Pixels on a computer screen. A passing stranger on the street. You have no way of knowing me. But what if that changed?  
I  want to be that Somebody you hear people talking about People trying to go against the Constitution Somebody should do something about that Individuals being discriminated everyday
The first time it happens, I'm nine years old, and my mother says we need to go on a diet.She says we, but she means you, and I know, I know, I know -- 
Some say i was created in the heavens by a god And that it only took him a span of 7 days to create me As he carefully crafted the mold of marble blue body With these large oceans 
In this world we live we see the hurt the suffering and the lost. we turn a blind eye too.   To not be effected.  to be removed and pretend the problems  do not exist.  
Constantly in school, one hour for five classes, to do homework that never is done on time, what even. Sleepless nights become alright. Extracurricular activities isn't a choice,
“Have you gotten the new iPhone?” “Do you have the latest tablet?”
The world will change and grow. This is how We will fall indefinitely, In which there’s no power where Society can develop. I walk along a path of thought, When I need to discover Death.
Seeing, seeing, what do I see—
Something has got to give.   Day after day after day and I don’t even know anymore.   Something has got to give.   They say that change starts with a whisper,
Change an easy topic you would change your hair your salary your job
A weight bares all of us and in each of our heads We play what we know and new ideas are fled Discovering new worlds when we don't know our own
Lost in a world without you, Your just miles down the road Living in your own world With only technology to keep us together But what happens When that very foundation that kept us together
I lay still Still I lay While they look down at me   I am dressed in satin. With my hair just so And a rose within my grasp   Their eyes do cry They cry from their eyes
If I could change one thing in the world It would be that which has become unfurled I'd return the happiness to those who are lost and show the world it's at no cost
...as I prepare for college... It's stressful, the whole process of getting there, but it's worth it... It totally is worth it... -JF
My control is not a control  So my change can't be a change.   My new is too neutral My blue too blue and clue less.   So we say my change is a changling girl who refuses to see the sun
Darkness envelops the sky as day turns to night,
What would I change? 
Another step you try to take another hopeless dreary fate anoter road of broken hope of wasted dollars and wasted dreams.   You try your best in school for years
If changing one thing was possible,  Then I would change something about me.  I may sound selfish, But that's the way it would be.  I don't like living this way, 
When I was young Momma told me to study hard I come from a world where many don’t go to school The way they act, The way they think, And the way they treat things Are careless. I never knew so.
The gift of education shapes Every child and who they are, Sparking passion and love,  That can outshine the stars.   This splendid gift knocks,  But not at every door,
No, no one has told me that I look like  That actress who plays Rue. I cannot twerk. I don't want to know how many Black people it takes To screw in a lightbulb.  And finally, no
I would start from the beginning I would end the beginning of sinning Eve would not have listened to the snake Man would not be punished for her mistake
What can one person really change? Is our view that far off range? The way people look at different races The glance we see on all their faces The color of one's skin shouldn't determine it all
I cry for those that are left behind How can we be so blind? 
I was awoken this morning through the morning light Todays the day I can feel it in my bones The 14th amendment didn’t work I know But the 15th will I must have hope Hope,
Everyone is prayin', looking to the heavens. Looking for a change to save them. Me? I don't wish for things--I make them happen. If I had the power, I'd make them see See the potential within us all
Wake up early. Can't fall back asleep. At least you're alive. Get in your car. Get stuck in traffic. At least you have your own transportation. Have a terrible day at work.
I can't just sit around and wacth these little kids destroy their lives, Skipping class, starting trouble, doing everything except stimulating their minds, At my age, what I know now, wish I could just press rewind,
Futile. Out of all the words 
What would I change? How about my outlook on life.
The Typing of keyboard keys going on and on restless in the night. The tears steaming down the faces of the future,
When I was 10 they started telling me to "be the change you want to see". I wasn't aware that I was a ball of matter where wind blows the trees. Just because I become a doctor or lawyer doesn't mean I've changed the world,
I use my computer a lot. I spend time on art sites that feature work done by amatuers and profesionals. I use tumblr almost everyday. I draw as much as I can and I come up with a lot of ideas.
Welcome To America This is what I would change Welcome to America the land of the free The modernized, uncivilized cage Where soldiers fight for liberty But the residents never use freedom’s key
We are defined Not by the hearts that beat within us
"What would you change?"
When asked to change it, I'd add more love into life, To end the conflicts  
change your view on life, Life is such a precious thing, for everyone and every being, no matter the cards we are dealt, we are able to strap on our seat belt, and take life by the wheel and roll down the road of most resistance, to a better life
Where is it? The fight I lost so long ago. Is it somewhere deep in my dark and clouded mind, shrouded by an ignorant mist. Was it taken away from me the moment I decided that ignorance is not bliss.
It's an accident--It's less than meant.Hereditary.Sad and scary.We watch and wait...Help is always too late.They'd kill to feel
It starts small, and unknown. It spreads fast, and now shows. A person stripped of all their glory. Whether new or venerable, A soul's a soul and will be taken.   Overcome by the painful invasion
I would change the way people think of Feminism I want people not to think I hate men, I want Women get paid the same as Men.   I would change the way people see bisexuality.
Green greed rests of the top of Placid pastures of cut fantasy. Ambition to change are Childish dreams sent to lay Below, never to be seen. A child sits on top of the glass, Peering through the faces,
Through early fog a silhouette With a hunched back from his days, Was tending to his precious crop His food for the winter: maize.   A moment later hooves were heard And a whip and a neigh as well,
The soft whimpers, Shy howls, And fragile meows Carry into the ears of the cruel abusers They pass the point of humanity
To a Beautiful World;  
I would change the way we view ourselves From race to skin tone From the pitches of our voices to Melody of our words  From the beat on which we pronounce our syllables to the pitter patter of our feet
The waste spreads far and wide, as far as we can see Even when we look, it’s really all we choose to see Where once were life and color and exploration
Dark, dangerous, and a piercing veil of shadows. All of this has forced me to conceal and face the widows. I hear their soft sobs and hoarse wails. I smell their cheap perfume and feel the dusty gales.
There is nothing to change Not one thing to exchange No one in my range I may be more strange But no one can interchange The rate of exhange For a temperature change And that is why
When I am with her the world misses a few revolutions. It's cliche and overplayed, but my heart flutters and the butterflies in my stomach pound... ...maybe i screwed that one up again.  
I Dream of changing changing into a semi like Optimus Prime   I Dream of changing Overturn the status quo Make the world better   My Dream is absurd Impossible, yet I Dream
Institutional power struggles, the rights of people infringed upon. Light fades to darkness, as discrimination engulfs this world.
MONEY. POWER. GREED. Society’s skewed perception of success needs to change. Compassion Love Learning Forgiveness Happiness Sharing. Success isn’t measured in salary
College Expensive College Unattainable College
Often, our oppressions are caused by ourselves. Sitting in solitude, simply alone Is how humans hibernate even if they’re not. We watch Willy Wonka and live in the moment, But how is it possible to live when
Changing would be fun, When all is said and done. Yet some would find it rough, For changing is tough. Being nice for a start, Or trying to create art. Listening to others,
If there was one thing I could change,it would be the fear that dwells in every woman.I would change how sexual harassmentis no longer a surprise, is regarded as common.
If I could change one thing, I’m not sure I would. I wouldn’t change any bad thing, Even though I could.   You see, goods are grand, And bads are bland, But what would smiles be without frowns?
  We all cry, laugh, and love We all are born with nothing, and we all leave this world with nothing. If I were to change something in this sphere of chaos It would simply be social classes.
What I see is not what you see What you see is not what I see I see a world with unlimited potentiol You see a world with limited time left I see a world filled with exponentiol possobolites
The pursuit of truth   When I ask my mom, were you crying? She lies I ask dad if he drank all the money He lies When I ask my friend, did he hurt you? She lies
Take it all away and what do you have? Honesty? Openness? Vulnerability? The makeup is a mask you hide behind It dilutes your beauty; it doesn’t enhance it Don’t you see? You are so much than makeup
Foreign, uncomfortable, awkward, inspiring, hopeful, curious. This is change.   Climbing the mounain of life, opening the doors of opportunity. This is change.  
I want to change The mindset of others Or at least open their minds to many possibilities With my secret The Law of Attraction Haven’t you heard this before? I'll tell the universe my direction
If I could change anything  Anything at all
"Do as I say, not as I do." the familiar sting of the phrase can date back to you, to your memories of a child hearing curses and threats, watching mom and dad fight
A change in one’s self can be equivalent to a change in the world One can overpower any. Change my fitness, I will. Who cares if you change your fitness! Well you see, changing my fitness will result
If I could change the world, Where would I start? Would I first take the sword, That tears nations apart? If I could change the planet, Where would I begin? Would I help the unfortunate,
Everybody deserves a chanceAmerica the home of the free, THEY SAY NO discrimination, THEY SAY
Monday morning, six o'clock. Dreary eyed and delirious you step into the shower, go to school. Thirteen years of this, now pay us. $30,000? Forty? Sixty? Why not make it higher.
Why are we never fully content with ourselves? Because we are selfish. Change for the good or change for the bad?
One thing,  I could change,  I could be selfless and say poverty.  The boy on the corner who looks hungry,  Offer him a meal and feed his soul. I could be cliche and say sadnesses toll. 
Here I am— Hiding behind poetic words, Hating that I’m afraid to speak audibly. Here I am— Hearing my voice in silence, Hoping these words will speak for me. Here I am—
Your parents have told you, since you were born, Of the scary man offering sweets. "Stay away," they would warn. And sure, they were right! To give you the advice But... did they remember to tell you there is nice...
Resting in puddles; puddles of blood, The pain is unbearable The feeling unique in its own way   Why don’t guys ever feel like this? We all have noses, arms, legs, fingers and toes.
I look all around and I feel their sorrow.  Young teenage girls worrying how they will look tomorrow.  This isn't important each of us is beautiful.  The media and even people tell them all these lies:  ugly,
When hearing the word Change We sometimes think: Masses of people in the streets Moving mountains Accomplishing great feats   “I’m just one person,” you say
I can only change one thing?
What would you change, if you could change anything? The fancy cars and diamond rings, the money and expensinve things. The lack of respect we have for ourselves, the way we only fcare for whats on the shelves.
Equality Now! Equality Now! The world is screaming at the top of its lungs. Equality Now! I am screaming at the top of my lungs. Equality Now! The streets are ablaze with hate and disgust
If I alone could change the world I'd beat the cliche Not just world peace Let's get specific Water for the african children A cure for cancer No more pain No more suffering
Those eyes. Big bold, reaching into our tears. Sleeping on cement floors, Pee everywhere.   Hear their mewls, their pleas, For a home for some peace. Scratches of fevers and barks of fear,
If it were up to me, college would be free. If I could change on thing, people wouldn't have to pay. If education truly matters, why are we forced to spend so much money,
The world is a warzone, and the battle is to be the best. Women stand in battle array, weapons nowhere around. The opposing side stands tall and firm, they spit upon the women.
There is the sky Above my head Engulfing the sun Glaring down at me   Oh what I wouldn’t give To take that sun And drop it into the sea Extinguishing the radiant beams  
Wishes are fragile As is the course of fate itself So I would like to wish For only the smallest of wishes I would change today’s society
Born into a cold, cruel world. Residing in a gray little town, Where the liars dwell, And is filled with fools. A girl lives there with hopes and dreams. A little different and rare. As if anybody cared.
What is life? In the grand scheme of things To love  To live  To feel My heart aches to think that as we live and breathe on this earth We don’t reciprocate our feelings
Familiar faces. Nameless places. Confusion. Waking up from the worst dreams and waiting for the best. I've seen deterioration. I've seen procrastination. Putting off the necessary for what is contrary to belief.
Cause she didn't look, talk or act a certain way, she didn't fit in
  School makes me lonely It’s not like Being here has made me friends In my dreams I can see Smiling faces of friends and family But when I am awake I see People that care for themselves
Today it’s so hard to be different at all. Today it’s so tough to be just yourself. Today acceptance just doesn’t exist. Today our lives are not our own.
  she walks alone in the crosswalk
If I could change one thing? The World. Every boy. Every girl would have       clothes                food       love and shoes they'd have the right to be free      happy
I am not a number.
What has become of us? When did we stop being the 'land of the free?' When did we stop being 'the melding pot of all nations?' Were we ever?
Humans, It's a funny word to say. We see ourselves as the domanate race in the world.
If I could change only one thing in this world right now, I would change the way I write. I would change the way I express myself for the better. Each letter of every word I say
Failing to prepare is like preparing to fail That is what athletes probably have been told ever since they stepped foot in their sport What happens when it becomes more than a sport? Then all of a sudden you come up short?
Upon a single wish, there is but to change. To change what? They question. To change whom. My answer. Change who? They ask. Myself. I reply. For what reason?
In this world I so often see People hiding from the world For they do not see hope Some are even blind To the thought it could exist, For what hope is there In a world so ravaged
So I live in beautiful, sunny Honolulu, Hawaii Pristine beaches and year-round summer weather Right? True For the most part. I walk to school every morning, 10 AM
Oh say can you see The home of the brave?   I see none. I see the truth. I do see, tis true, Not by dawn’s early light. No lights springing from the sun’s rays,
Oh say can you see The home of the brave?
Strut, Click, Pose, Smile. She’s dreamed of having a model lifestyle. Not fitting the profile of being skinny and tall, She’s not what some designers are looking for at all.   Rejection, rejection
In 8000 B.C., Agriculture was a thing brand new, Since then our numbers, they grew. For more than 8000 years, with a growth rate under 0.05 percent[1],
Remember that boy In second grade Who drew all over his papers And hid a sketchbook in his desk? He could have been in museums But now he works 9-5 At the gas station on the corner
Note that it is possible to inhale and then exhale without saying a word   For if every man and every woman would stop trying so hard to justify
UGLY! FAT! STUPID! WEIRD! HATE! Are words that cause people to end their fate, Many lives are lost because they are tormented, They feel as if they are segment.
We walk around with fear in our hearts Waiting, wishing to be different But the change that needs to the happen Is not YOU, it's society
Well most would say hate,
Fear must be the way of life. To trust no one, to put up a fight. Never believe the grins upon their faces.
I live in a world where the youth would rather stare at a screen, Over watching the sun set.
If I could change anything, what would it be? Would it be land or would it be sea I could stop the sun, though that wouldn’t do much good Perhaps I might ponder more not on want, but on should
What do you see when you see the world?  What about yourself?  If you could change anything, Big or small,  About you,  About the world,  What would it be? 
Checking behind your shoulder constantly Carrying pepper spray on your way home from night class Parents telling their children "don't go off our street and don't talk to strangers"
If I could change the world, the value of a person wouldn't be measured by monetary value, but with the amount of radiating burning love that sped through their veins with desire. 
The world is grand. Walking hand in hand with mom and dad, My sunglasses frame this clean, copacetic polaroid. One day I grew up. I took off my shades and wandered on my own.
What I would change is Making myself happier And sharing the joy
if i could change one thing it'd be the pain of our youth the words we have learned have caused wounds and left scars the world that we know is falling apart our parents don't know how we use the words they taught us and if they did
I always wondered how my legs never got tiredWith all the constant running From meFrom lifeFrom everything that ever stared me in the face
The 99% The 1% White privilege Cis privilege Patriarchy First world We all Know What they mean. Not all Know What they are.   Society is Sick
Like the Doctor, I want to travel this world,this universe.Like the Doctor, I want to see a change, I want:"To be the change I want to see."Like the Doctor, who sees the good and sees the man.
Peace is what i want Anger, hate, envy, animosity Is all i see
The world is full with beauty. With its landscape, With its people.  But there are many things hidden. Unspeakable,
It started off one big happy family Two brothers and then me A great big house, big front yard with an oak tree But of course what happens when you start to worry about money?  
Our labels define us Mother,  Father, Student, Nerd. Jock, Alcoholic,
Our labels define us Mother,  Father, Student, Nerd. Jock, Alcoholic,
We are harsh. Not just cruel, but Honest.
Patience is the key, to help keep peace and harmony. We all must try to keep our heads in the but our feet on the ground. Our community can be strong, but we tear ourselves apart. People are people,
Oh, let me change the passing time,
I watchAs again and again
The world is a super-fleeting-rundown place You look around and think, Just for a moment what have I got here. Trash-upon-pollution with nothing in-between Its suffocating me
If I could change any one thing, what would I change? Maybe something bad, or something unorthodox and strange. Maybe an issue, something that really needs a hand,
The halls are pretty lonely when you walk them alone.  Every day, passing the same lockers, same people, same smile on your face.
They smile and waveI walk by and shy.They all look pretty,I feel ugly.They smile and laugh,i try to tag along too.I will try my best to smileand laugh
hair is but a changing thing. brown, black, red, blue. eyes are but a changing thing. gray, green, hazel too. style is but a changing thing. athletic, gothic, sneakers, high heels. thoughts are but a changing thing.
If I could change anything it would be life, Make days longer and funner nights. Change the way we interact with each other, Make us get well with one another. If I could change anything it be how we are raise,
I would changeThe way I look at the world,The way they look at my skinThe way I look at myselfWho I am afraid to be, and who I see in the mirror
I cannot think of a specific topic. Poetry is often abstract, yet concrete in its  abstraction, like a ruler of an dying kingdom who wields power over naught but his own mind.
Our parents tell us that the only thing we need to be is ourselves,
  Femininity, subservience, inferiority,
I would like to Smile more, Hug more, Talk more. I would like to Be more honest And express my Feelings more often Than not saying anything at all. 
We are told we need it For the success of our lives Yet how is debt  Going to let These budding young minds Succeed in the Grind Why not prevent  These ridiculous prices
You've heard it before; in fact we all have Ever since grade school, or even earlier. That question that bears so much meaning, yet at the same time, none at all: What do you want to be when you grow up?  
If I had to choose only one thing to change, I would give compassion to those who lack. Too much hate in a world so cold And no one giving shirts off of their own back.   If I had countless amounts of money,
  You're the wolf disguised as sheep yet many would accept you in a heart beat, you lie and deceive through your smile yet many would ask, won't you stay a while? you say one thing but mean another
If I had the power to change any one thing I’d change mans right to choose if I could  I’d eliminate mans choice to do an evil thing So that the only thing he could do was good
Me, myself, and I How I hate to see my need to be loved That desire to be cared for I wish was never there   How I hate to see my need to be loved That feeling of needing anothers comfort
One of the things I would like to change: The right to love and marry whomever even if he/she is gay.
If I could change the world  no one would judge you on your sexuality or race You would hear the birds flying in the trees
Change; a single word to revere, Bringing about hope or fear, Depending on the ear the word falls near. To change the world; a new frontier Or uproot a life you hold so dear.  
If I could, I'd oil my ancient fingers And watch the rusty gears begin to turn. Praying that your blue-eyed gaze still lingers, I would cause the heart of the earth to churn.  
Gas prices are high never are they low  Yet we continue to drive as our anger starts to grow. We can't stay still, yes we're steady on the go. They say what's the deal our government must go.
A power to change any one thing  
Stop looking at at the cameras Stop looking at the lights Put a little faith in your education Let your passions ignite. Don't waste away such a beautiful life paying attention to those
  The way we are living now is prone to always change. A world searching for tomorrow, yet today never remains. When the next big thing hits, and no thought enters brains
The past holds events in its grasp, freezing that point in time, turning it into a memory Memories can be cherished, forgotten, change by point of view, And contain the values that are lost with time,
Hate fills our hearts, Just as a turkey dinner does our stomach. As our love for one another dwindles, Just like sand in an hour glass, Why, whose got the power to change? We do.
The world in shambles Not everyone can see, but those who do suffer most Sadness, sickness, Hunger Children suffering, without a chance to live Children that could change the world Stuck, Missing, Poor
Honesty is all I would change maybe if we all could be genuine love would not be in vain if I could change the roles of honesty maybe a liar would feel the victims pain He lied to me that's why I feel this way
What would the world be like If money had never been invented? Would the world be more loving, Or would peace still be prevented?   But all trust seems to be lost, And greed is what controls us.
Trudging down the dark hallway People snicker and laugh With each step my fear grows I cannot do anything I cannot say anything They are crowding around me I am a joke to them, a spectacle
If changing the world was within my abilities
If I could change the world,I'd choose to change attitudes.I'd be sure every person knows they are wanted,I'd tell the world there is a purpose and meaning.If I could change the world,
You have to grab it in full force  before they blow it away. They'll hold you back tear you down say you've done nothing. You're useless you're no good you can't listen to anyone.
I don’t li
We can never be good enough for society So long as we’re not perfect. Because perfection is beauty – Or so the world claims.   But what the world fails to see is the beauty of imperfection.
Cancer: The entity that slowly murders, Kills not only a single person, But an entire family.   Cancer: The parasitic creature that lives inside the best of us,
With God’s pen in my hand, just
If I could change the night sky, You would see all the stars, If I could change the wind, It would blow you in the right directon, If I could always make you smile, My life would be perfect,
Mirror Mirror, on the wall. Who's the ugliest of all?
What would I change, if I could change me? My posture, complexion, or personality? Would I thicken my hair or polish my skin? Or maybe request an identical twin?
If I had the chance to change something. I would choose nothing. Eveything is made perectly. God makes no mistakes.
Dear America why have thou forsaken me? The so called land of the brave and home of the free. Why aren't thou brave enough for me? My name's Alfred Wright. I was a black man. My conscious is actually writing this for me.
Regret is a wicked feeling that keeps you up at night. I tell myself this was how it was meant to be, But I know deep down I should have done what I feel is right.
The people,  creative and fair,  advancing into future despair! But why, pray- Bend your neck, and you may see day- but shrouded over, dark in the corner of the blackening world, 
You took me to my first baseball game, but before that, you entered me in a raffle, a raffle to throw the first pitch. And I won.
If I could change anything It would be the doubt that flows too easily In the minds around this world I would plant the seeds Of knowledge and faith, That this world means something more
If I could take a pen, And make the world understand, I would, Paint a picture of peace, Clarity among the people. I would make them all read, Open their minds and see,
No coughing, choking Deep breaths with clear throats and lungs.  Breathing in fresh air  
"The world is a beautiful place," my father says, "We should learn to love it." I almost want to laugh but I don't; I hold back. I try, really, I do, but my eyes flash and I mutter,
Discriminate sounds much like hate And that coincidence is surely fate   Millions of cries can be heard And all because of that one word   One can't control the melanin in their skin
Discriminate sounds much like hate And that coincidence is surely fate   Millions of cries can be heard And all because of that one word   One can't control the melanin in their skin
Discriminate sounds much like hate And that coincidence is surely fate   Millions of cries can be heard And all because of that one word   One can't control the melanin in their skin
What I would change, well I would change a lot. I would rewind time, and fix my mother’s heartbreak. Because watching her suffer has only caused more,  more suffering.
Peace, a desirable yet an unreachable phenomenon, Falsely experienced in developed countries decieved by their extreme distances accross oceans from war and destruction. Wars that murder and seperate people, due to
Why does my gender matter? Why is it that when I stand up for myself I’m a bitch? Why am I paid less than a man? Why can’t I be a mother and a CEO?   Why does my sexuality matter?
What is wrong with this picture that you Would change to fit your view? You got the right idea to Change the problems that brew. To fix mistakes that need your Help, have courage to speak.
Thank you for caring.
So many people speakin of things they know nothing about. Assumptions turn into rumors,
The Arts. One thing I would change would be the cuts to the arts. To education these programs play vital parts. The arts offer what others cannot. The arts are valued by many alot.  
Young girl, working dead end jobs, Goes home at night and just sobs. She wants better for her life, More than being just a wife. She works her fingers to the bone, Just for the money to be all gone.
I often wish I could make the world a better placeYet, how can I do that?What would I change about this world?I would give every person on this planet one thingEmpathy.
A Mind is a terrible thing to waste...when you know that you have it What you put inside your head and heart...No one else can grab it You've been conditioned by the system so you can't escape poverty
I urge you to open the window. And let in the cool, fresh air: damp and earthy. Fill your nostrils. Let it raise bumps on your forearms and bring clarity to your thoughts.  
I hear their cries in my ever warping dreams
People cloud the streets, rain hits.  Work litters our minds, garbage fills.  Too much.    Words buzz around-- flies near our heads. Meaningless noise, meaningless people. We don't care.   
Challenging myself to Have a better connection with the world And making myself known while Never becoming someone I’m not Going to be proud of in the
I see the blackness seeping from your twisted heart Oozing contempt and putrid retrograded hate I see the gleam in your eyes; shallow and insensitive 
WordsThat's what I would changeNot what they are or how they soundBy my wordsChange themAdd themGain themRight now I can only feel in one wordOperaThe music is language
I'd make sure I had been heard. I'd spit those words out so fast. That they would have to stop and listen to me. Because words are heard better. When they aren't stumbling over each other.
If I could change anything, I’d make myself less tired I’d wake up and keep my brain wired Then I could be more productive in a day
Today I sat and thought and thought About the past What our world forgot. The simple values held so dear They are not here-
The Voice of his Generation
What would I change about the world? Well the answer is rather easy Have everyone embrace science more than their bugers which are so greasy That's where the future lies, in the sun the moon and the stars
Love me lately like clenched bed sheets and rushed phones calls at 4 o'clock in the morning. But it was too late. For I knew, that our love was shattered, the severance.
What would I change about the world? There are many things, but let's give it a whirl. This world that's filled with poisoned air and polluted lakes. Where education runs everyone the same
Let's face it. Grabbing the bull by the horns, saying it as it is, Transparent. There is something wrong with the education system in America.  
Each and every person has goals Some of these run deep into our souls.  Obstacles should not get in the way of our dreams,
A man sees another man. The man endears the other man. The men love one another. *turns page* The men are an abomination.   The father beats the child. The father starves the child.
Waking up Filled with anger Blaming the world Why - Do I Do this to myself It's just me and no one else The games I play The things I say
Cows like to fall in love with ducks, Lightbulbs screaming tucks. Lollipops tasting like flashlights, My pencil has mosquito bites.   The words are right but they don't make sense,
Some of us just float through life Ghosts wandering aimlessly among the rest Going unnoticed by all We have learned not to care What others think or What may become of ourselves  
I would change how the world is. I would help the poor become more rich. I would end all the animosity, Between all the countries. I would strive to end all the crime and senseless murders.
I believed it was good to care, But I didn't know there was a limit, Everytime there was bad, I tried to be strong like a bear, Caring too much is overwhelming, and now I believe it,
"Change" is such a funny word, always begging for attention. With its sloppy "chhh" slurred, constantly eluding comprehension.   "Change" really is a funny word. Don't you think I'm right?
A family is left heartbroken And so many words unspoken A soldier leaves them to fight So freedom can see another day's light They wait in hopes that he would return His presence and love did they yearn
Of all the things in the world there is so many to change, from sorrow, and heart break. Abuse to neglect and all of the world's problems. Is there only one thing? Can there be only one thing?
You’re telling me that a woman is only beautiful when she’s naked
My enemy, nemesis, competitor,  Needs no warm-up, no preparation for battle.  Everyday , everynight, She waits for me. Comes when I come, leaves when I leave, a shadow.  Tears me down with a look
If I could change one thing, I would bring back Jeremiah. If I could change one thing, It would be the last thing I said. If I could change one thing, I would say "You are loved, never give up."
What we need is love in this place Lots of people who need no space Love to stop the murder case Love to stop the endless chase  Love not war can save the Earth To save the ones next to Birth
Hear the waves break. See the eagle soar. The moon shines overhead.   Watch the leaves dance. Hear the wolf howl. A forest that lies in a bay.   See the rabbit dash.
A great speaker,
When I'm told I could change anything The dark, blank slate of my mind lights up with a million stars I realize I could have money, fame, power
I’m aware we’ve been trained to believe that the anorexic frame Is the most desirable frame of the female form, Curves are out and thin is in,
If I could choose to change
It was the way you braided you
If I could change anything, I wouldn't change a thing. To change a thing would change the world, thats not for us to do.   If I could change a big thing, I wouldn't change a thing. 
When life doth breath inside your new body, A new born baby with plenty of love, You are perfect; beauty embodied.
We look in the mirror and see a thing, We are so set on what this thing should be, The hardest realization that goes through our mind or occupies our time, Is the reality of our human being,
Inside of me, inside of you, Within the wondrous, selfless earth,
On wet pavement the clicks of heels quicken slow down never-ending every day is the same I am losing my name to the fast, fleeting rain   Eyes on the floor shut every door
Change the perspective Change what's right and wrong written or spoken Change what's yours or mine – ours  
If there’s one thing I could shareSo the world would understand and improve on,It’s that communication is much to bare
People want to change it all. Reverse this, correct that. It seems a fine idea, to fix the worlds ill, Our own sicknesses. As for me This will never be my path. I won't change what already is.
I had a dream that someday I’d winWriting and writingagain and again                              I had a dream that this was the oneCould it be I’ve finally wonOnly to loseoh yesagain
There,  On the side Alone, He cried Taken from all He held dear He tried to be strong And hold back the tear He didn't deserve this None of them do All the children 
For the thought of any Person to impress themselves upon Another by force to be Incomprehensible. 
Change can be wanted or disallowed Some people accept change  But some can't stand something being world renowned
I Aim For A Better World By: Kary Dujuan Goff Jr.   I am green and gold, and sometimes grey.  
If I could change but one thing in this world of ours It would be the definition of normal Or rather the existence of that vague yet constricting concept So simple yet so broad yet so double-edged this rigid definition is
How often do we wish for something so simple, a sign that people care,  that there is kindness in everyone's hearts, yet we forget to smile at strangers. I try to remember that when I see others,
I am against abortion It's no small portion Nothing but a horrific action Causing no more than dissatisfaction Killing is what I call it How could anyone benefit Legal murder is another name 
36,24,26 i
People always ask, "What do you want to do?" And I simply reply "Change lives. How about you?" A Speech-Therapist, one day I will be But oh so expensive, please help me I want to work with Autistic kids,
Women are tricked into believing, By beings who can never understand the fight That is a sad part of being a lady. Being told You will never be good enough, never important, Never powerful, never intellegent.
Live in harmony Such sweetness so satiates Change lives with music
Bureaucracy at it's finest. When there is something urgent to be done, The paperwork must be processed. And trust me, that is never fun.   When there is something urgent to be done.
You are you Perfect in all eyes, perfect Love yourself, love Anyone, don't compare yourself to anyone Beautiful inside and out, beautiful Society, be careful of the picture of society
Some people are afraid of change but some things just need to be rearranged. You see, if i could, I would change the hunger in countries, I would remove the racism in the cities.
Her shadow was so bright that I could not see. I hoped for a new change of time, or woman to see. My wish was bare and I gained nothing more,
The sweeping sounds cascade out of the stage Bouncing around the room, Mixing with the cushioned chairs And the old-people smell.   The brass blasts out a baleful melody
It was a temperate Sunday. Life seemed as usual. Though under the surface a storm was brewing It’d been stewing since about twelve months back. However, you knew that.  
    I don't understand Why we live in a world of extremes. Finally eighteen And forced to choose between
I hate hate. There are so many things in the world that need to be changed,  but hate is the first thing that needs to go. Hate takes many different forms and is all too easy to have.
Cold hands invade the innocence of cold souls   Cold souls afraid to save themselves of cold nights and cold eyes baring upon them  
I wish to be close to you, wrapped in your arms, breath against my neck, hands pressed tight to my back. I want to feel your skin against mine like a burning desire to breathe
Letting my words flow with no consequence Caring too much about what I write And too little how people will see me Best thing is this is my job.   Writing gives me a voice MY voice
  If I could change one thing, What would it be?   Would I change the world? No war, no illness Plenty of food Lots of green trees?   Would I change society?
These days,  sleep is not rejuvinating. It is merely a break. Our schedules have become god. Living under its laws, commands, edicts. A calendar has become a checklist
As a 19 year black man in to
I live in a society in which the people – they don’t care. They tut and they tsk at third-world problems “Rape is bad”, they recite, “and dirty water is horrible
the sky is Blue always has been   but what is that to say it always will be   it could be Green or Red or Purple or some entirely new color Sky color  
Money money money that's all we ever talk about. People who don't have enough just want to scream and shout. Some people worked hard and can now call themselves rich.
The more things change, The more they stay the same. The true art to changing the world, Is changing the people in it.   Poet says politics, New political system resides, New regimes rise,
Angels and Demons-that is what we are The price of war has changed us. This is what needs to be changed. Blood has been spilt  creating red oceans of misery. We are human-we have the choice 
Rain down on the crown of my tree top. Trickle down all of my leaves and branches down to my roots, where I can absorb every drop.  
They stand watching The dreaded one percent. Everyone looking They all say it’s unfair But they won’t admit, They are jealous of their place. Because no one yells justice
Men  Howls at a sight of blood; Fist curled, legs shaking. Fear and bravery battle in between  Only those who fight with all their might Are able to protect those within their sight
They say you can't dream in color   But if that is true then why are my dreams so green Green shoots sprouting out of grey dirt Green dark forests in every direction filled with green dark pine trees
It seems distasteful to choose creatures of this world over Humans. So much to change between
Looking down at the scale, A little girl’s legs tremble in fear. In shock she turns pale, Hoping she could disappear. “I must starve! I must starve! No one will love me, If I do not barf.”
From nine to five, nobody is home
Who am I to say what matters and what doesn't?Am I not someone?I've always been toldthat I am too young or too oldto think or to know,and I've got nothing to show.When will this change?
Please do not doubt a word I say to you, My thoughts and my words are sincere and true. And to you my darling, I must confess, My happy love has been put to the test.
As I step out my front door, I would change the colors in which people see in. The need to label things in colors of red, white and blue, I would change the boundaries in which we are placed in.
Every time someone Turns on the ignition,
You ask me what I would change if given the chance But it is not so simple to change what I ask You see we must go back to the time we were in diapers
The Image of Beauty  What is beauty? Is it shaped, colored, living, a symbol, an image?
If I could change anything
Sean realized at a young age Other boys were not quite the same He wasn’t on the same page   No one was to blame He was so estranged He felt naught but shame  
I haven't always been the same way, she was once 9 years old.
"I will change" He tells himself But bottles are still Emptied The fights are still Fought His excuses are still Made And he doesn't change
This world is material Filled with automated LOLs and ROFLs.... People don't need this fake laughter, they need the real kind. The kind where your cheeks hurt and you can't breathe...
  He’s just like you and I; He has eyes and hands, A heart with a constant beat and Blood that flows from his head to his toes He cries when he’s broken And screams when he’s mad
To break the idolatry, the endless sea contained in a drop of monotony. When asked to change the world, reponded He, "Let Light there be, to inflict burns upon the peasantry."
When I turn on the nightly news,I don't watch the weather forecast anymore.
An incomplete family morns and weeps
So They Say Why be so greedy? Why let that destroy you, destroy us  This world revolves around money Absurd how people are rich while others suffer from poverty.
What would I change? I would change this world of violence in which the only way to succeed is to have someone else, in a near or far place, fail.
I look at them, their hearts on their sleeves. Unabashed, unashamed, they stare at each other Their eyes, so fierce, so knowing Their touches, so confident, so sure And their hearts, their hearts on their sleeves.
Everywhere people seeing with sightless eyes. Feeling with closed hearts. Distancing themselves from another's reality. Over looking the fallen, the helpless, the beaten down and the broken.
  We Are The Same   We were made the same  The big, round world is everyone’s fair game. We all have thoughts, desires, and wishes.
When you're born in an encouraging household The world is seen through different eyes You don't have to struggle for love or validation Sure your family is not "perfect" But they raised you to believe in yourself
I wouldn't change  instead I would give 
Gay. Straight. Bisexual. Why do we need these names? So what you're a girl who happens to like a girl? So what you're a girl who happens to like a boy?
If you could Would you change the world Make a difference With your own two hands Why would you change What has already been altered Why would you make it different
Reading develops the mind.  It controls you and changes you. Reading a book is an adventure, that all should take a ride on. Reading an inspirational piece is something that makes you grow. 
All we see, all we hear.
  There are questions that I have that have no answer–
Hey Johnnie Give me your lunch money Hey Johnnie Give me change for the bus Hey Johnnie Your locker rent is due Hey Johnnie There's a toll to get to class Hey Johnnie
What would you change? Such a simple question People wanna talk But they don't wanna hear the lesson They say they will be there for you But their mouth is always running Whenever you try to speak
I turn on the news Rape, murder, missing Those words have become boring to me A black boy has been shot The white man who killed him goes home free Bullshit What has this world come to?
I would want to change something near, and dear to my heart I would want to bring families back together, being torn apart I would want to help those who want a fresh start
Children everyday,  suffer from being raped...   Careless poeple in this world, don't think it's a mistake.   They turn the childs life upside down,
What would I change? I've been waiting to answer that question.
It's not fair, and it is cruel, The creator is a malicious fool. Destroying lives is its job, Leaving families left to sob. For me, my brother is its case, Constantly changing his precious face.
People are dangerous, Unforgiving. They are polluted  And considered distrusting.   Be careful when walking around, It isn't funny. Someone might attack you And take your money.  
I resent my own species for damning so many others, Extinguishing those to whom nature is also mother If I could change one thing, I would open humanity’s eyes,
A generation pressured by society A society driven by expectations and decisions Decisions that restrain us like animals to a cage A cage that strips what little freedom we were given
The eye is not often bright All hope for a blaze in the night A light To show them out of the darkness   For too long we have misrepresented our cause
If I could change one thing I would light a fire in every soul make the Heart glow  show the world that we are All we are All a smile we are All a kiss we are All an embrace
  If I could change one thing, I would give a voice to those who don’t have one. I would give it to the animals that sit in cramped cages With horrific conditions in the pitch-black fear.
Change. The word itself can have a different meaning to different people.
Girls today have no respect for themselves,
We forget the words of equality that once were said, In the fight for Civil Rights blood once stained the roads red. First it was women, then it was blacks. Round and round we went and now we're back.
Humanity: We look for solace in bottles and pills, Temporary fixes for paying our bills Because a permanent change takes too long and we're lazy.   We're greedy and spoiled, Undignified and disloyal
There'd be no need to pass on the blame if we understood we aren't the same There'd be no guilt There'd be no shame if we understood we all feel pain No person is a carbon copy
If I could change something in our world, I think I’d make college free. I’d make colleges functional without huge expenses, I’d make them accessible to anyone who wanted to learn, like me.  
If I could change just one thing, only one thing. I have to think it would be the small child I see everyday. The child whom thinks hitting another is perfectly acceptable, in the name of retrieving a stolen toy, that is.
Change is a process. To be is to do, over and over again.   Something that is easier said than done for those of us with hard heads.   But with that same hard head I can become
People can change for the better or the worse For a simplle difference can be a curse I would change the world for the better with a simple task that weighs less than a feather
Fists clenched, ears covered, I stand in the crowd, Hiding among the people, Attempting to ignore their voices.   The many, dirty voices.  
The cross hangs on the wall across from me Two receptionists ( or secretaties, I do not know which), are busy like bees. Why don't they just feed me poison berries?   
Cakes, cupcakes, pies are all good, But good does not satisfy! Your mother cooked, she really could, "I can do better!" I'd reply. My family scoffed and scorned, "You cannot even make toast 
if i could
To change. To change a mind.
Thousands suffer                            many die whats the reason for this rhyme?                            for we do not KNOW A monster. so cold
Crime, it is in our lives and seen through our eyes. crime, it causes pain, causes demise. The thing to change is crime, itll prevent kids seein' their mamas and daddies doin' time.
ducks wouldn't fly south for the winter, i don't think if i could just convince them that the snow isn't so bad.   because why would you want to go south for the winter, i would ask them
We walk the earth carefully Trying to please all that live upon it Keeping our distance   We hide due to the fear of being judged Being judged by others who want to break us down
He had been 'reading' for As long as he could remember. His mother's voice was soothing to his ears As it washed over them in a soft, murmuring tone. A tone that was betrayed almost every time
Young children in the school building Taught to read, to write, to be. But not to fight. Obey, they say. Without delay. No it's not okay. Don't go that way. Teacher's gilding future careers
My mother once said, "Change is good." And I see that, when two smiling women Get to hold up their marriage certificate Proclaming to the world, "Our love means change is good." But
Many of us live wishing change. But what is it that we want changed? Many however do not act to have this arranged. Instead keep nagging about the change.    I am distinct.
For this world to change, it starts with the individual Each individual is a part of the crowd and the mass; a grain in the sand with so much power and influence contained. 
Where should I begin Our world is covered in sin Like a blanket we're all snuggled up under Kicking out others who should fill us with wonder   Wish the world could see that sin is subjective 
One ton of smiles could change the world.  A little more joy, and a few kind words, Could transform a world once sour and curl'ed.   I dream of a time when for twenty four hours,
To change one thing to make a difference can be so hard   so many things that we could change so many voices to be heard   the one thing that I would change
Screams of terror coming from withinanother cut deeper in the skinPeople have words that hurt so muchcausing this mental break down like such
Children are crying, I want to hush their hunger keeping them awake.
With many injustices this world is torn With apathy its people do race With malice the masses exploit the unalike, for being born With a different-shaped face   With bitter cold sadness I watch all of this
Change. What would I change? I’d change the ignorance that holds me down The fact I’m a woman pushing into a men’s crowd.   Change. I’d change the sexist words thrown at me.
A seed is not pretty
From cradle to crawl space  It seems her mother stopped loving her Because lately she's been slapping her around And Jenny's head hangs low to the ground 
If I could make a change, I would change American society. Society says we have to look, dress, act, talk,
You know what needs to change? Change itself. Because change in this world is famine or feast Either up on a pedestal or relegated to the shelf Where it waits to rise, like ideological yeast  
What would I change? Well there wouldn't be a ghetto There would be a safe place where my people can settle A place where a little girl can  get on her bike and safely peddle
Have you ever seen everyone as beautiful in their own way A different spieces of a flower that need to be loved or understood I view the world as good to some degree and yet when I look at me, I don't see the beauty
It's easy to change the landscape of the land. We've changed forests into broken treaties and mountains into broken freeways We've destroyed empires and created countries.
Believe it or not, Electric cars were hot in the 19th Century, especially among the American elite. Low power and range was not a problem, with smaller cities, and shorter roads
They claim to be warriors for the ones who cannot stand to fight and to speak for themselves. They type furiously on keyboards, tweeting and retweeting, hashtagging their sympathy,
Why do we need the word hate? To validate love? To give reason to our minds?  As an excuse to never move forward, To always look back, To never find peace within our own skins? What if we gave it up?
    Brown is the dust from the falling trees Red is the color of the empty seas Black is falling in   Purple are the lips of the small Grey is the coming death call Black is falling in
Changing the look of our World, one design at a time! A=Architecture, changing the look of our World through architectural design
Bullying Bullying is bad It's not something to have My sister went through it I wasn't glad to see it Changing the world to love Seems like its the best It made tears come to my eyes 
  you know those brave soldiers
I wish I had the hands of God  So I could reach through  Broken suits made of skin 
Ask me to slam about the world See what I would change in this messed up place People these days just look at the world as a race They climb to the top of this metaphorical tower
I’d change the world if I could. I’d change the leaders. I’d change the wealthy. I’d change the privileged, the powerful, the educated. I’d change the poor. I’d change the sick.
The world talks in hidden meanings, subtle hints, and messages inbetween the lines. If the world could be the way I wish it to, then all that is ment to be said, all that needs to be stated,
Ten men in thinking caps judge my every move They stare right through but ask me to prove My worth.                     "Why should you study here?" they ask. I reply that the A's prove my competence with any task
Gay, to straight, to something in between Whatever you are you, i am on your team. Girl, boy, however you identify yourself I will treat you how I treat everybody else. Full of respect and never judging you
What would I change you ponder? That list is rather horrid Let's start with why the children wonder when they are geting fed   The poor ones who don't stand a chance
Years of crushing loss and death. She lost a son, he lost a brother. When will you stop, take a deep breath? Stop to think, before she loses another.
Such a lonely place our blue marble becomes When we crave individuality to the point of looking past others I walk down the pavement and see the hundreds of queens and kings
What would I change? With the war, diseaseCorruption and poverty through seven seasWith all the people living a life uniqueComparing themselves to the artist of the week
Every day now, I see the little things happen. Someone dropped a book. That door wasn't opened for that person. The pencil they needed for their test seemed to have disappeared entirely and nobody is there to give it to them.
Power to Change the power to change is the power to improve there are many beautiful things about this world but many terrible too 
We tear people down more than we build them up. I seek to invert this.
If I could change one thing at all, I would wish for nothing small. Nothing selfish,nothing plain, but I would wish for all to treated the same. No man nor woman would be done wrong, just because are thought not to belong.
If I had the power To alter what once was to something greater I would feel less ashamed.   The world is large and different all around The customs, the culture, perspective.
People always talk Say they want change Hardly willing to initatie The change won't start Time to start this change The change starts with us We the people Thats the phrase
One day, music could really make a difference in the world and bring peace to all countries and unite the world and lead it to a better place...
"What would you change if you could change anything in the world?" "End world hunger", says a poor boy on free lunches from his school district
Beauty Seen in everyone's eyes, but still deprived.  It has become a type of evil, that comes from within. It shields our eyes from what's real and what's not. We see long hair and lighter skin.
The society and it's ideals,  are wrong and horrid.
People live life to the fullest but all they do is fuck it up doing drugs and getting drunk but when they're done their life spand already shrunk then they go home to a place they call a dump
if i could i would trace soft curves with a paintbrush and take an eraser to my flaws. if i was
If I could change one value     throughout the world, I would let the sails of cooperation     become unfurled So all those who fight the     storms at sea Can come together in
Take this, the beast. That refuses our eyes And refuses to see The crime. So deep, so sly The antagonist that creeps. Deny our hearts, Aching for our fellow man. Robbing him.
I must say it is hard to choose  There are so many things I was forced to loose Mistakes that have been taken by 
You don't like my dress? 
What is there to change? Everything. The way some look at life is a shame. To think some are better than those who are different To think money is happiness
Take me to the next level, of joy and understanding Look at the beauty right in front of you, instead of sleeping silently.   They see me, but do they really look? Can they look past this book?
I, an average college student, would change:
With the power to change whatever I'd like,   the future would be unpredictable,   but with the knowledge inside my mind,    this change would seem inevitable.
It fed on the opinions of others It became alive that day in middle school,  when a boy called her a mean name He did not know then that she was already ashamed of who she was and who she had been  
“Terrorist!” he yells, as the young Muslim woman passes.   9/11 “All I needed to learn about Islam, I discovered on 9/11.”   Islam
If it was up to me Your life wouldn't have ended with your own hand I could still hold yours in mine We would still have more time
The sunlight splashed through open windows, painting the room a royal gold. Holding up his weary chin with a calloused hand, gentle footsteps echoed down the hall.
Peace What man should live and strive for What many think they die for Held back by the small, who act as walls  for peace. and relish war. Leaders corrupt Man must rise  Stand up
Man to man woman to woman  woman to man  anyone to anyone gay marrige  any marige  "support gay marrige" more like support human rights we all have the right to fall in love 
If I could change one trouble, that people cannot liberate forlorn, I would amend their unsettled fixations, that haunt their tacit spar.   I, of course, talk of illness,
Change is a powerful thing Sometimes it brings us joy And sometimes sorrow At times we do not see it affect us
Our sight is skewed. You look through a lense yet it is not your own; they placed a focal upon your face.   Constantly neglecting to notice your nose, though its incapable of escaping your vision.
Change  Both bad and good  The word is changed by the people that understood That the earth is God's creation  And should be treated with respect  When we stop judging and start accepting 
Ignorance is the dark cloud upon our world  Flying above our heads and in our hearts Allowing nothing but stillness and denial A world with no movement A world with no progress Hate monger
Just think about it A world without hate, oppression Or misery and any distasteful moments   That make us squander what we have
When I was sixteen I built my first chair as I grew older I built more stuff that I didn't ever dare things like houses, cars, even a working drone then I open my eyes and its gone gone gone  
We all want to change the world. We want to do something that will leave an impression. We make it our goal even our dream to make that change without considering what we have to do to get there.
If there was only one thing in the world I could change, it would be something that would be impossible to change otherwise It would be something that everyone on earth has a common ground with
I watch us all Live our lives in self-enclosed bubbles We cry out "Me me me!"    Selfies, Selfish, 
My generation’s death will be by ignorance, We will die hungry, selfish and with no innocence, A world disconnected, we burn incense and mask the senses, to be blinded from a world that is being tormented.
Wrapped in a blanket I still shiver, And my hands freeze as I type in the snowy bright light, My head against the window pane.   I wonder what it feels like to feel anything But paralyzing frustration.
“Curiosity killed the cat”, and that is why I love them. They poke and jab at what they don’t understand. They follow the smell of an unknown aroma. The have an animalistic need to know what lies beyond the unknown.
When I walk into a school, there should be a feeling of motivation, and success. The teachers and staff are supposed to be on the student's side. But instead they're condemning us to life in prison.
If I could bring about any deal of change in this world, it would be to eradicate the curse of hatred.
If one thing could be changed I would be able to walk down the street at night And not fear of coming home different Broken If one thing could be changed My sister could wear whatever she wants
Change Change for appreciation Of each other's differences Change of depiction
One last chance To defeat, to conquer, to win One last breath To save, to struggle, to survive   Two more words
If I could, I'd make people be kind to each other Bullies and racists just tear people down If I could, I'd be the one to turn it around If we all play nice, we can all be happy
Fear inside and all around Invades every smell, every taste, every sound The fear that  consumes entire souls Quenches the flames of our spirit, all it leaves is coals This fear to grow, be something more
The greatness of change is in the ability to dream, to aspire, to sweat, to be sure of oneself. I want to see the world move. I want to see the world think. Terror and anger,
The world is spinning into ruin and chaos. Faster and faster we try to run. Spending so much time trying to out-race the day, And wasting the treasure we have.   Time is a gift a lot of us have
What has beauty? Beauty is not what our eyes perceive. It is not the physical. One has found beauty when they can see it with their eyes closed. Beauty is peace. Beauty is love. Beauty is compassion.
After an entire life of change, the word makes me cringe The idea of change creates a burden too heavy for me to bear "What would you change?" I would change the idea of change
Babies in Haiti have bursts of hungerAnd heads filled with wonderHave an appreciation for penniesDreams as big as anyWorked hands that American children could never understandbut…Have clear eyes
The world is going through a widespread occurence, one that we all know. It's about deciding whether old traditions should stay, or if they should go.
  Bullying If there were a way to take away the pain that people suffer from everyday
To hate someone. To dislike their thoughts and view. Why must we anger at what they believe to be true? Hating for skin, clothes, or voice. We as people are making a poor choice.
In a perfect world, there would be no fights Not war, not hate, not even a trace Love would conquer all In a world, as such None would fuss All would be free Even not in my country We would be one and the same All the fighting would stop No debt,
  The World is always changing  
If I could change the world, I would do the unspeakable.I would gather planet earth in the palm of my hands.Take each piece, each strand.Tie them together into seamstress bows, like flowers.
Farthest th
In this life we always find Pain and happiness of every kind. Joy amongst those who wish it Pain with those who waste bit by bit.   Change is never found easy. For those of quality or sleazy.
Change the way people think about each other they way they talk  about their brothers and sisters and mothers the way they talk about girls' bodies and boys' swag and what she did with who 
It seems like every week the news sets the scene Of another suicide extinguishing another teen I think of how depression affects our daily life And how it’s the strongest risk factor for suicide
Empty souls press grounds unknown. Vacant hearts indulge in wonders yet to be discovered. Mournful beings beg for salvation while the glitters of a great land gleam in unsatisfied eyes.
If changing who I amWas as easily accomplished as changing the sheets
  The way people treat each other Is something I would change It something of which all of us are to are to blame A teacher telling a student  he's not smart enough to pass
As I walk my way through the day Looking around Mesmerized by the nature around me So many silent faces around me.  I wonder why no one conversates. Then, I look below their noses to find...
Mathematics Has always been a dimly lit room The walls lined with sacred etchings A single person I'm told to remember every single one "There is a test next class"
Who are you to judge who I love? Who I kiss and who I hug? Why are you judging who puts a smile on my face? Would you be happier if the one I loved was a different race?  
Stress consumes us like an eternal flame refusing to blow out regardless of the strong winds. For some, hapiness prove to be no match to this great opponent. Let's change the negativity,
To change one thing would be a dream. Where people don't bully or judge. Whether it's just because or you're holding a grudge.
If only I could change their disbelief; If they just took that leap of faith And realized what they've been missing.   They claim that there is no way He exists And try to prove it with a hypothesis,
I live in a small world:
She leaped from the dirt covered alleys To the asphalt paved roadways Leaving behind her A distant memory of poverty And entering A world of opportunity  It was a long and grueling 8 years 
If I had the power to change this, I would I'd make you stay here forever, if only I could. But I know that I can't, and I won't make you stay I'll just be glad that you're mine, for at least one more day.
As humans, can we change? Every year we make resolutions,  but do they ever fall through? Why are we afraid to be different? Why is it wrong to be different? Why is change bad? It's not.
Around the school, But wider than that, More encompassing. Collective cruelty, Choking the world With harsh words  And angry glances.  
Deja B. Spratley Power Of Change   Music, music, music, I need you everyday. You make me smile, you make me cry, you amp me up, and you calm me down.
What would you change? A Question always asked Yet, how many times is it actually carried out If I was rich, I'd feed the poor I'd go to third world countries and give medical attention I'd end poverty
  Ponder the motif: "how do you want to spend your life". 
Love is the change.
  Choose the better, Choose to be better, I choose to be the better you taught me, Taught me though you didn’t see, You are my better and therefore I must raise the bar,
When I look in the eyes of the innocent
There's so many things to change, A new way for the world to arrange. Sometimes all I can think about, is the pain caused by doubt. What if disloyalty was gone? So that, that form of pain would move on.
The ones that like to strike at the weak
How sad it is that at sixteen my favorite thing is sleep! I try to buy four hours a night but never get to keep.
Change is a touchy subjectI know this to be trueBut if I had this powerI know what I would doI'd find a cure for cancerI'd take away the pain it's causedI'd bring my brother back
I would tell her, "Stop- but don't smell the roses"
When I look in the mirror   I see hope   A flame so bright, it blinds me  
What do they see? Twinkles across my eyes.  The sky above, colored with love, enrapturing and blissful.  Blue sun's rays shower and settle  like a sea of delicate sapphire light.
Change. One word that can make you feel like a ray of sunshine, or it can make you feel like you're in a rainy ditch. "You've changed." "Thank you" should be the response,
Rude words. Many lost friends. Undeserved hurt given. There is much one wants to have back. It's true.   But yet, These challenges. They are the ones that mold,
The constant question question I hear is What would you change? Everyone thinks inside the box about this question It's simple! EDUCATION!! I want to change education for a good cause
The human condition is a
My Father’s eyes are gray. They are the evening sky on a gloomy day. His eyes are stern and angular. The eyes you see why you did something bad and your parent’s find out. The angry, sad eyes.
If I had the chance to change, I would make sure everyone would hang, On each word as it flowed through their brain, because what would they change? They sit waiting, praying that another man will bring the change, all while they sit and watch.
If I had all ability, strength, and power I would give this world some dignity. No more borders, we'd all be just fine. When I'm alone I'm at peace... without the aid of a pill, a needle, or pipe.
I wish I could change people's minds. I yearn to make people feel what I feel.  I crave to make people see what I see. I long to show others the utter hatred I see in the world. 
Always consumed by our thoughts, our actions, we forget to stop and think about nothing. Consumed by our time, our plans, we forget to stop and breathe. To relax. Has humanity as a whole become so 
Self-perception It always is negative It creates jealousy It commits murders It sparks wars It develops fear It breaks people up It creates starvation It does all the things that we hate
I know that it is cliche to say     That if I could change one thing      I would end hate
Glaring emerald, green eyes staring at me, as if I've automatcally done something wrong. Accusation and doubt shines through the tough demeanor, so clear that I feel a shiver of shame run through my body.
All life does is spin and spin. The constant motion, the endless attempts- To be Noticed, To be Felt, To be Alive and Free.
I spent four of my years in a building Of wood walls and cement floors I spent four of my years in a building Told it was wrong to want out   I spent four of my years stuck in two dimensions
To be able to change something, oh how powerful I would be To be able to change something other than me The wars overseas and the wars in our hearts, the wars in our minds
One thing I would like to change Would be peoples thinking range   I am sometimes feared Some people think I am weird   Sometimes I make weird sounds We have had to move to different towns
You ask what I’d change, and I just have to say, There’s something that I’d pick pretty much any day.   Something you’d want too if you just looked around, Something desperately needed, that’s getting me down.
Depression is not discretionit's more than an expressionthat's out of the questionthe feeling of always riding solafeelings of being worthless and even loca
  Leaving the house, saying your goodbyes, getting in the car.
Let us have wings feathered -
What would I change? EVERYTHING. People don't know the truth,
A world without pain Would be a sweet summer day No more hurt No more sorrow No more wishing to look like the worlds definition of beautiful   A world without pain  Would be a comforting song
A person alive Has a heart and it beats Life even in the womb Since conception has lived Life is taken away Aborted Murder
They Losing      weakening     ignored      weight       always          by all We Moving     passing     ignoring      on             by                all Make it stop
What would I change?
Human beings are an interesting species. Each one of us is unique, but also the same. We all have the same needs, but different ways to achieve them. Some use honesty and kindness.
Feel free to tell me who to love. I won't listen. Go ahead and tell a girl her skirt is too short. She'll wear it with pride. Have the gall to hate someone's skin. They'll laugh. People need to realize that life isn't all about their ideas.
Liberation They say selfish. I say fearless. To live my life. Unashamed of who I am.  Liberation
The world constantly wants to change me. Taller, faster, smarter, prettier, are things I need to be. There are people who are better than most, These people excell because of what they are told.
If I had the power to changeanything in the worldwhat could I possibly pick? Would I change the double standards:How men are seen against womenand how society feels?
They see our hands intertwined and all they see is two girls They don't see the way our eyes kiss each other or how her heart keeps me safe from the cold What they see is two abominations
If I could change anything In the entire world I'd change the way judgment fills the eyes of teenage girls. I'd change the way  the whispers hurt the ones they are about
If I could change anything In the entire world I'd change the way judgment fills the eyes of teenage girls. I'd change the way  the whispers hurt the ones they are about
If I could start all over I would If I could do it again I would If I could take back what I said I would If I could tell you how I felt how I feel
Faces we will never know pass us by We sit at our desks 9 to 5 every day We spend our lives looking at screens Not understanding what exactly we are missing We all need to look up
Morning Kids waking up Parents going to work How about you go ahead and suffer under the curse Why;p--p;p-- it seems so small? I haven't got a good look where corruption is just
You don't know how it feels to belong nowhere. I fake a smile, nod my head but my mind's not there. I'm looking through you always thinking of who I would rather be to get all that love.
We live in a world where our values are selfish, Our beliefs negative, And our hearts broken and beaten down by society, I know it's impossible, But I wish I could make this world we lived in a nicer place,
  The world isn't a perfect place. I blame Pandora's Box for that. For the hate and rage,
  */ /*-->*/ We all need health-care the U.S. is behind
The trees dance The wind runs astray. The birds hum And the water sighs.   What could be missing?   There's nothing else But beauty here. No other signs of life.  
People never help anymore. Never holding open the door, Never caring about others anymore.
Hidden strength deep within, Energy boundless and relenting, Affecting every life it touches, Reaching every part of the world, Teaching every mind how to treat, Seeing every heart change to be.
Change is a gift given freely. What could I possibly change? Who could I influence to induce a change within our system, within my mind, with every flaw counted toward mankind?
Everlasting love: Through all the many decades, The definition- Lost in all the impatience, When will it find itself back.
If I knew how, I would change the world into a place where currency isn't made out of paper Where people aren't characterized by test scores  where there is no envy, nor hate by neighbors   
It would be beneficial Don't you think To teach us how to throw a punch Rather than to throw a ball?   To train us not to fight But to defend And to run In case we need to  
Who needs a new roof If you can't afford a house? Who needs a kennel If your pet's an invading mouse? Who needs teeth  If you can't buy food to eat? Who needs shoes
When we don’t like who we are and we don’t know who to trust, We form internal scars that lie in wait deep inside of us, There they hide, but not for long because we’re just about to bust
Conversation was never our strong pointWe spoke in iPhone notes on car ridesIn a crowd we spoke in hand holding and gazesI know I said I wish we would talk moreBut I don't want a god damn conversation
She Is and I Am, dissimilar but united entities. We Are and They Are stand at polar ends. He Is takes, beats, hunts, but I Am doesn't want to always look over her shoulder,
I bet you think you’re so cool Making that other kid feel like a fool You think he wants to hear this crap when he comes to school?
Society has filled our minds with lies and nonsense. they tell us beauty is a size 0, and that plus size is a size 6. Society has told woman all over that if you dont meet those standards
In a world assunder and blaming names, In a world saying, what would you change? What I would change would be a big part, For what it is deals with the heart. Music is a very strange thing,
There's many problems that we must face. Some are small and others are huge. Most of them we can solve our selves. But what if we can't. If I could change anything, it would be to end all diseases.
  I would change diapers.       I have changed diapers, but don't anymore.     I would change babies diapers if I had my own.       I would change your daught
Although change upon myself would be lovely,Although change to the faults of the world would be just,
  The rowdiness around me is a Disturbance in this peaceful place But I have stood here long enough To rekindle the beauty that was once known   That beauty is being ruined by who?
Food, water and shelter That's it.. That's what I would focus on If I had the chance to change the world. I'm serious, all other issues aside   Food, water and shelter would be my key topics
There’s a feeling I know. It feels like everything is crumbling around you or like walls are closing in and there’s no room to breathe or like no matter what you do nothing is right and it’s scary.
The power to make a change is,
I hear the calling I feel the haunting Building up in my ear I am in my house and I have is fear For the next phase This is why I say  Today lets cleanse the world of these undetected wires 
Change the way we look at life, live with love instead of strife; conflicts cannot make us smile and hatred will not heal our hearts; live with love as God desires,
If I could change anything, Anything in the world, The world is what I would change. I would change people, People and their motivation. Their motivation to help others, To help others out of desire,
Ever since I was a little girl I was told to make something of myself To be a leader, and do my best to be the best me I could be All I knew was happiness, school, and doing good by my family
Ask anyone what they value and if they answer honestly Something materialistic will come out   "How people see me.." "The kind of car I drive.." "How much money I have.."  
1 was fifteen (and so was I)
If I could change anything in this whole world I would change the way my mother is around me and my brother. I wish she'd realized what she doing to us and how it's effected everyone around us.
If I had the power to change anything it would be the world. I'd change hate people have for each other and make it love. I'd have every child cared by a loving family and filled with inner confidence and endurance to follow their dreams.
To change is to make something once the same another way Imagining a future where everything is sublime Growing a path that might otherwise become neglected and decay
If I had just one day 24 hours in time a single day to rule to world what would be on my mind? I would want to make a difference change the world that I see make it a better place
The end of humanity is near. Not because of the flames of a fire, no. Not because of meteors crashing down to planet earth, no. Not because of a flood or hurricane, no.  The end is near because of people.
It was wrapped around a pole And the car no longer whole
How different the world would beif each one of us looked at each otherthrough pure love's eyesaccepting our faults and limitationsaccepting our weaknesses and debilities
it breaks never bending with love never ending such a sweet thought for the poor human heart it aches and crys bowing with the weight of the world if i could change you little heart i most certainly would
Many of us hear relationship and think of a storm.Like a big war is about to be born.We think of the past,When we should be thinking of that last.Think of it as something new to start off of,
In a world overrun with the pressure to be perfect, lives a girl tired of feeling helpless.
On the exit ramp,
no more sad faces no more grumbling stomachs end world hunger now  
wouldn't it be beautiful? if the deathly tone under my eyes, enlivens and brightens instead?   or if my facial shape, transforms into a feminine structure,
Desperate measures call for desperate actions. That's all I knew. I sat crying in front of my sister, Hurting so badly I pleaded at her, Please just kill me. She looked at me sadly asking innocently.
Heart, soul, and my everything was what I gave to that man. Sadly, he was giving his all to my best friend Suzanne. I thought I was all he needed and wanted in his life. 
Education for all is what they say but why do we pay
What would you change? If you could make a difference with a single wish Would you ask for peers not to think you so strange To not have to wash another single dish? How about to be thinner
Spend a day in others' shoes, Walk in them for a mile; You will receive the news That it is sometimes hard to smile. Spend a day with another's life, Try to take it all in stride,
If I could change the world, we would all be a little more understanding. If I could chane the world, there would be a litte less struggling. If I could change the world,
All of them! Each and every one! I'm done!   They think they can walk around. Smug, gotchya-whatchya-gonna-do-now smiles, irradicated, you-know-their-mothers-taught-them-that haught,
You say you know the truth, but whereAre facts in your storyJust here and there, there’s not much thereJust eyes that won’t see
You're either too fat or too thin Why can't you be happy in your own skin? Everywhere you look is perfection
Humanity Filled with pride and vanity The desire to be bigger To never sit and figure
I envy the people beside me. They have the newest, the latest, the flashiest, I have the cheapest I could find
Concrete floors The claking never ends The constant barking in your floppy ears Sorry, Sunny That's just how it is   Three years to the day
What is war? The child asks, Eyes wide and bright, Looking up at me For I know only peace.   Tell me, please, what is war, For I do not know of it. Tell me of a world
A world of hope
Why should we be stereotyped? Let's put forth an effort to make things right. Prove you wrong? I just might.   Don't judge me according to what you see. Take the chance to look within me.
I’m tired of living in a world blinded by hate Everyone stands by idly, unwilling to speak Will we all destroy each other, is that our fate?
  I look in the mirror And I smile While inside I drown In misery   If I change myself I can change the world   I appear strong Because I have to be
What I would change,  A common question asked, There arn't many things one could change, Maybe if we worked together it would be possible, If I could I would change the thought of saying instead of doing,
Our children fall behind Everyone waits and watches The politicians don't mind Making speeches
Entitled to a pursuit, To live a happy life, But how can one achieve this, When the necessities, Cause much strife?   Within this progressing world, Higher education, Has become a must;
The inability of the human brain to comprehend  Millions, Billions, and Trillions Has somehow exused and allowed us to Blindly and Unkindly Abuse the very things that holds our Bickering, Snickery
"What's your favorite part about you?" Is the question I dread And I every day I think about it Until I go to bed.   More like: what would I change? My too large nose?
I sit next to you every night and feel the tension. You still can’t see why I want to be with him, Why I love him so dearly, How I could ever be with anyone like him, And one day, I hope you will.
It has been described as a record of existence How long something is present or how long it wasn't.   Time is both the past, and the future, and the present, Escalating at a constant rate that alters not.  
Raped, beaten, yelled at, threatened I still keep my head up high Ditched, cursed, bullied, shunned I still say good morning every time you walk by I am a strong woman  
We try to disagree and deny that high school is more than just a popularity contest we try to believe that people are not that shallow  we try to make them more mature but we always end up with the same results
With so many religions You'd think There would be some peace,   But maybe
"You look better without makeup." "You wear way too much makeup!" "You look so unnatural." "You're fake." "Stop trying so hard." What's wrong with wanting to look good, feel confident, try something new?
  They look at the two differently Judging, favoring The first, they feel, deserves a ten He was strong, persuasive, and smooth The second, they discuss, deserves a six She was bossy, pushy, and vain
Can we take a step back and look at the bigger picture. It's not all black and white but a mixture,  of black and whites and Asians and Latino. Straight or not, we act like we know.
It is there, always has been and always will. That Incessant pounding,  screams of hatred and bitterness all aimed directly at me. Ever since I was old enough to think the pounding was there.
I- and there it is I Me Myself My want to change- would like to change- would love if- Fuck That this world is a we this life is an us the responsibility to this planet
I- and there it is I Me Myself My want to change- would like to change- would love if- Fuck That this world is a we this life is an us the responsibility to this planet
Something so big and so beautiful, stuck in a tank so pitiful. Treated and trained, but still so fearful. Cramed and broken, nothing but a token. They should be freed, and out in the open.
If poets are subtle then I’m no poet. 
The justice system is supposed to make everyone equal under the law But when you go before a jury of your peers  they judge you based on your skin, race, religious , gender and economic situation
Education has become a joke Kids are falling behind because no child left behind is blowing smoke...   Up in flames, Burning! I wish that was the smell of brains working.
In our model shows the women are thin, Middle and high school girls not comfortable in their skin They'd rather be hungry than gain weight, let us stop the hate.   
New year, new me, I have the power to change. To improve myself and better my goal, that is my plan. I'll grow stronger and wiser as I increase in age. To never stop until I reach the top, that is my plan.
Tick tock tick tock 
Turtles from Madagascar Marmosets from South America A Noah’s ark of endangered species Sinking under the weight of the elephants.   Captured from traffiikers Seized from smugglers
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