H.A.T.E: The Ultimate Swear Word

When people hear that word

No one thinks of the power behind it

It is as deadly as any weapon on Earth

And an instigator for many of the world's problems:

The blood that is spilled on the battlefield of war,

The lack of trust between the nations,

But most importantly,

It is the cause of the separation between our brothers and sisters

No one thinks that a word so commonly used in lax language

Holds more venom than a viper

Or the power to ignite a malicious action

It has the power to divide us all

Blinding us as a backpack emotion to ignorance and fear

Should it continue to spread,

Like a global plague,

Then we will be so far divided,

We will be so far gone from our senses,

That the world would crumble and divide around us

Causing us to fall into the deepest, darkest pits of our demise

I did not ask to be born into a world so divided by a such simple word

But since I was,

I feel it is in my power to eradicate the hostilities within it

And lead us into a world that is reborn with the innocence, trust, and love of a child

You asked what I would change if I had the ability to do so

My response is simple:

I would change the darkness and hostility in hearts caused by that word

Into the light of peace and love

It is a far-fetched dream

But I choose to hold onto it for dear life

The King of Peace one had a similar dream

And look how far we have come







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