Why am I writing?


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Why am I writing this? 



I filled out the forms,

and I exceeded "the norm."

I aced my classes

I perked up my nerd glasses.

I studied hard,

I did what they said,

I retained all of this useless information in my head.

Community Service, National Honor Society,

I dealt with morality and responsibility.

I became class president,

I joined a show or two.

I performed for the school,

I did what I was supposed to do. 

1800 on my SAT, as if high school was just some test,

Lord knows that I tried my best.


So why am I writing this?



My high school resume was immpeccable,

but for what?

"For college!" Everyone exclaimed. 

I made it, yeah it's true,

fall semester at NYU,

all of my plans fell through.

I wanted the city.

I wanted NYU

and in my heart I knew

no place else would do.


So why am I writing this again?



I'm writing this for money.

I'm writing for a lost cause,

this is college at a high cost.

My passion for this currency,

is bordering insanity,

as I chase this school that is becoming 

less and less of a reality.

"New York, New York"

plays in my head,

as I try to convince myself that my dreams aren't dead.

There's no moolah or nickels or dimes,

or an opportunity to make the most of my time.


I'm writing for money,

the root of all evil.

I'm writing for mommy,

so broke and so peaceful.

I'm writing for me,

the boy that's now fetal.


Why else am I writing?

This can't just be a sob story,

a somber retelling of high school's glory.

Why the dissappoinment?

Why the false hope?

Why do culture and government,

dangle a rope?

They tease us and instill in our heads,

that the reason any kid gets out of bed,

is to make the big leap,

to garner the knowledge,

to gain the new tools that you'll need for college.

But I know for a fact,

educating has taken a step back,

back behind money and fame and power,

college is business that dances and showers,

high expectations, and horrid frustrations,

to grief stricken kids across this "great" nation.


So what would I change?

What would I do?

I would change my vision,

I would change yours too.

I would tell kids to fail,

I would tell kids to lose,

their image of studying at NYU,

because it doesn't matter what you do,

colleges and governments don't care for me and you.








I cannot express how much I absolutely loved this piece! There is something that must be said for the people who have worked so hard for where they want to go in their life and has found that their dreams are out of reach because that's how the reality of this society has made. I'm cheering for you! 

Thank you for sharing this,

Martin Nunez-Bonilla

Thank you for reading my poem, it means a lot. Also, thank you for the positivity! 

Best regards,



:D loved this! 

Martin Nunez-Bonilla

Thanks so much for reading haha, i really appeciate it


I love this poem

Martin Nunez-Bonilla

Thanks for reading, I just really hate that money is so damn important. Also, it's really cool that you liked something that really came from me, it's pretty surreal.

PS share it if you get the chance, I'd really appreciate it!


This poem is so relatable. I just posted one on a similar topic and totally feel everything you're feeling. But hey, keep your head up and don't stop working for change. Best of luck to you!

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