The last word

A generation pressured by society

A society driven by expectations and decisions

Decisions that restrain us like animals to a cage

A cage that strips what little freedom we were given

Others hiding in the shadows, constantly reminding us that what we do will benefit us later

Later in the unforeseen future

The future that I am unable to see but to these others are so clear

Clear enough to dictate me

Me, My future, Not an artificial later, Others do not understand, A cage imposed, Decisions that fuel the fire, A society wandering in the fog they created, The creativity of a generation evanescent.

Ignorance disguised, concealing false clarity

The future given to me is a hand dealt to me i refuse to play

An unforeseen future reduced to an illusion

Voices of others are nothing but the voices of madness trying to seep in

A cage broken by willpower

A society disoriented by what they do not understand

A generation meant to be more than cogs

Change your perspective

Change your future

Make that dream a reality no one can take away from you

Make your brilliance known

Become the blacksmith to mold the iron of life

Become the birds who refuse to be held down to Earth, who soar high to places where others could only imagine.

Refuse to be refused

Let your voice mute to none, make yours the last word


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