This is not reality, but it should be!

I imagine a world where kids don't kill themselves.

They don't shoot themselves, OD on pills, slit their wrists or hang from belts.

They don't jump off bridges or in front of cars.

They don't fear going to school or walking down the street.

They don't get bullied and or pregnant.

Their worst fear is that they miss their favorite tv show, are late to a meal or forget to pick Mom flowers for Mother's Day.


I imagine a world where veterans don't live on the street, dressed only in rags and hungry.

Their service is cherished.

Their bodies are warm and clean.

Their bellies are full of food and their lives are full of loved ones and friends.

Their PTSD is treated and managed.

Their limbs are healed as well as their hearts.

No one fears their scars and tattoos.

Their worst fear is giving their daughter's hand away, crying at their son's graduation, or making it to the hospital in time to stand by as their grandkids are born.


I imagine a world without job security.

Sounds strange I know, but I want to be a cop.

And as much as I look forward to learning my profession,

I wish it weren't necessary.

I know I cannot change the world.

But that doesn't mean I won't try.

If I can save one person, make them step off that ledge, drop that weapon, make them feel safe

then I succeed in making a difference.

If I stop by and say 'hi' to a child whose parents always fight

and we become friends and he/she trusts me

then I succeed in making a difference.


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