Every day.


The halls are pretty lonely when you walk them alone. 
Every day, passing the same lockers, same people, same smile on your face.
Each hour passes slower than the last and the words they say just seem to cut you like knives. 
And finally, when the bell rings, what sort of salvation is a bus full of tormentors? 
Driving for an hour or so every day, listening to the same hate, the same hurtful words. 
Every day.
And the people who swear they love you, swear they care, can't see. 
Or they don't want to see what you go through, every day.
Your mother, she cries and your father isn't there.
But maybe that's the way America the beautiful wants her children to go.
Alone, cowering, afraid. 
But every day, an innocent child is lost.
Maybe not your's, but his or her's. 
Because we are all so caught up in this world around us...
Because we forget that the things we say could be that breaking point. 
It could be those words that drive that knife straight through the heart. 
So you ask me what I'd change in this god forsaken world? 
Humanity. That's what I'd change. 



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