Girls today have no respect for themselves,

they let men walk all over them.

They look in the mirror and hate themselves,

they don’t see how beautiful they are because of the pressure of the media

to be perfect.


Perfection is unobtainable

for you, for me 

for the model on the front cover.

The media has taken and twisted the idea of beauty,

the way they alter peoples body through photoshop and editing

is sick.


The scars and stretch marks, the imperfections 

make you beautiful!

Whether you wear a size zero or sixteen

you are beautiful,

your bra size doesn't define you 

your personality does.


When you look in the mirror

you shouldn’t want to hurl, or cut, or kill yourself.

When you look in the mirror you should see

beauty, and be able to love yourself how you are.

You shouldn't starve yourself, or run until you pass out

just to please others.

Work out, eat right, wear make-up

But do it for yourself.


So girls look in the mirror 

and see beauty.

See happiness

see that you are loved.


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