Sorry, Sunny

Concrete floors
The claking never ends
The constant barking in your floppy ears
Sorry, Sunny
That's just how it is
Three years to the day
Since you've seen  couch
Felt the joy of your human coming home
Had a collar with an address on it
Sure it isn't so bad
You're fed
And walked
And bathed
The volunteers love you
They tell you every night before they leave
But there's someone out there Sunny
Your soulmate- they exist
Let's just hope they meet you
Before they meet a breeder
You may not be purebred
Don't know what to call you
But you sleep and play
Just as well as a purebred Lab
Heck! You're house broken
You even come pre-trained
What's a puppy got that you don't have?
A paper and high price?
Look around Sunny Boy
Hundreds just like you
Already here
Already trained
All these dogs without a home
But people are payong to make more


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