My Stream of Conscienceness


I live in beautiful, sunny Honolulu, Hawaii

Pristine beaches and year-round summer weather



For the most part.

I walk to school every morning, 10 AM

And every morning, I pass by a stream

Filled with algae, tilapia, 

plastic bags, food wrappers, and the occasional shopping cart

So just the normal stuff

But if this is my chance to repaint my aina with a fresh canvas,

Then I'll start growing my hair out and you can start calling me Bob Ross

If we all started treating our land like our mother's house,

We wouldn't turn our landmarks into landfills 

Sometimes I think about how the animals must feel

With all of the garbage we throw in our oceans and streams

It would probably feel like someone dropping a bag of trash in my living room

And that doesn't swim with me

So I'm proposing a revolution

A gill tea party, but this one won't happen in Boston

No harboring ill-will towards the guilty party

Since we are all involved 

I want to change how we view the importance of preserving nature

We can't afford to let our own people destory the Earth and its beauty

And it all starts from the streams in our own backyards

This one's for the tilapia that continue swimming everyday in the upstream struggle




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