I hate hate.

There are so many things in the world that need to be changed, 

but hate is the first thing that needs to go.

Hate takes many different forms and is all too easy to have.

Some people hate waking up on a Monday morning,

or the cold weather,

or the texture of oatmeal,

or that guy's haircut,

or Republicans,

or the ethnicity of the family behind them in the checkout line.

The world would be better if all that were to change.

The absolute worst hate, though is self-hate.

That is the very first thing I would change.

I would change the complaints about waist-lines in the locker room.

I would change the number of people who claim they can't do anything right.

I would change the sighs after report cards are handed out in a school. 

I would change the way people keep quiet in conversations because they don't think their stories are worth telling.

I would change the way too many people look in the mirror and can't see their beauty.

I would change the minds of people who think it's their fault.

I would change the amount of anti-depressants that have to be taken every day.

I would change the way people brush off copliments because they don't think they deserve them. 

I would change how many self-induced scars can be counted on a single body.

I would change the number of families that have only a note for a last good-bye.

Every single person is important, 

and if self-hate prevents them from seeing that,

then it is the very first thing I would change.



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