If I Ruled Chicago


If I ruled Chicago, the bastard sons of shackled ancestors would know freedom and equality
Not tolerance
If I ruled Chicago, I would ban skittles and black skin so maybe Trayvon could've lived
Make cops stop carrying guns so crooks could stop carrying guns
Because caskets carry more than dead bodies
They carry sons and husbands, daughters and wives, aunts, uncles, cousins, grandmothers and grandfathers
We are leaving more than flowers at this grave site..
If I ruled Chicago I would ban bandanas
Because there are still Black boys
wrapping American flags around their brains
Like nooses have grown
looser, like slavery has stepped
its game up
If I ruled Chicago less mothers would receive less calls to identify young bodies at the city morgue
Less ammunition would be sold, less bullets would be shot, less guns will be used, less graves will be dug
If I ruled Chicago, my city would not be so volatile
And it's citizens would not be so scared


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