Small Change

Tue, 04/08/2014 - 02:06 -- milky

I am fragile

And I have worn down my bones to the quick

Where my words have become quiet whispers and my yelling is deaf

Where I have no reign and my tears have not stopped

Because every night is a theatre in my head

and no matter what I die every night

and this is my life

and my terror and sadness is my constant companion

but I do not want to walk along side my worry

I do not want to die in my sleep night after night

What I want is the power to change myself

What I want is to be happy and healthy

And not screaming in my head every night crying, “Why am I even alive?”

What I want is the strength to love myself again and to be free from a demon I can’t escape

But one that I can learn to except

What I want is something simple

What I want is peace

And a clear mind


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