Fit to Save Humanity

Sun, 02/09/2014 - 20:40 -- Jodi

Terrorist!” he yells,

as the young Muslim woman passes.



All I needed to learn about Islam, I discovered on 9/11.



terrorism, oppression, malicious.


I see this religion portrayed

much different than the reality.



peace, tranquility, community, honesty,

a religion of equity,

brotherhood, women’s rights,

and love.


Our perception

is distorted.


Viewed as a threat, dangerous to society,

not fit for this century,



I see it as a faith

suited to save humanity.


Heart palpitations

when “Islam” is muttered.


The religion

that rules over my heart,

with no predecessor,

or successor.


Fit to save my life

a thousand times over.


Our perception

needs to change.


It is time to open our minds

and hearts,

to reality.



not Islam,

is outdated.


As a Muslim,

I refuse,

to apologize

my entire life

for the actions of a few.


I refuse to be labeled “terrorist”

and for my religion

to be hated.


The problem is not

this religion, rather,

negative stereotype creators.


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