Thu, 04/10/2014 - 23:19 -- reatom

I heard a story one day,

to my surprise I had nothing to say,

It was something about this girls name,

The sound? The origin? It soon all became a game ,


Endlessly I played a misleading game of cat and mouse inside my head,

Why! Why! What is it about this name that can no longer be unsaid?

I don’t even know her,

She lives in a country where they don’t believe in girls

Where a husband would rather beat down his wife for not bearing a son

Than giving her a box full of pearls

From India to China, all these girls go unnoticed

Have people forgotten we were once pictured as an Egyptian lotus


I do not know these women, nor do I speak for them.

But there is a tragedy I must condemn.

Stop the gendercide, Stop while you can,

Can we for once think of a master plan!

Stand back and take a look at the important women of your life,

Even if it’s as small as the woman that bags your groceries in the market line

I will mark the beginning of this change even if I have to climb over a mountain range

I won’t stop! I wont falter!

Before I see this gendercide go any farther.


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