Look, Don't See


Take me to the next level,

of joy and understanding

Look at the beauty right in front of you,

instead of sleeping silently.


They see me, but do they really look?

Can they look past this book?

They think they look, but they don't see.

They think they know, the real me.


They don't know the beauty I see,

They don't think I'm any different.

They don't know, they couldn't know,

the way I will change the world.


Understanding binds together,

the simple connections of knowledge.

They claim to be superior

but fail to see their own gaps.


What if the world could change,

What if the world just listened?

What if the world would take into account

all of the opinions that most people just discount?


Not just the opinions of our peers,

or the scattered long lost fears,

but the sounds of love hidden in the night,

of dogs and cats and birds and bats,

such a wonderful sight.


Why must people battle with nature?

We could harmonize with all

of those small plants and animals

who many take to be their slaves.


What can make the blind man see?

What can make the deaf man listen?

Coming to an agreement, making a choice,

and not letting anyone cut off the sound of your voice.

Painting a picture so deeply connected to you,

That any person who took the time,

would see the message, loud and clear.


Knowledge weaves a bridge,

for all those who come upon it,

and those who look don't fall,

but those who fall never looked.


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