Your childhood was a time of game

without a single care;

Yet how can you try to comprehend

the burden that we wear;


Each day ground smaller,

told how to live and act;

I do not recall ever signing

this hypocritical pact;


And school you say will help

with advancement of our skills;

But science and history

may not achieve goodwill


The times have changed,so you can see

but what you most neglect;

Is accepting us for who we are

not what you see as perfect;


Teens mature with passions,

each developing their own;

Why not reflect upon this too  

and see the facts in stone


We are who we are,

that you cannot change;

The newest generation

cannot just be exchanged;


So march you legions yet,

let no obstacle stand;

For the changes in the world today

aren’t made by only one’s hand;


Accept the new leaders,

the presidents to come;

Let us find our paths

the beats of our drums.


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