Effort Unnoticed


As I pursue my career goals, I work my hands until they bleed,

For some extra cash so you see.

As I take care of a cancerous parent,

My needs often go unapparent.

I do not mind; after all, what are families for?

But this town has become a bore.

What does this world hold?

It must be more than financial troubles and war.

I want to see the meaning of it all,

Under leaves where bugs crawl,

Above clouds where the birds fly,

Their nests when little beaks cry,

The ocean and its vast array,

Of creatures we find new, every day.

I see the world in bright vivid colors,

Nothing makes me feel smaller

Each person their own shade and tint.

I see people, in their eyes, a glint.

As I pursue this intrepid dream,

Sometimes I want to scream.

I fall asleep with my face in a book,

With academia, I am undertook.

I work hard every day,

Only to be loped in with people who say,

“I never enjoy pooping.”

“You must be doing it wrong.”

How do I get along,

Why must I be compared,

With one so erred?

This world has changed,

Into something deranged.

I work to preserve our Earth,

And you care only of a woman’s girth.

What would I change?

What wouldn’t I rearrange?

Be rid the ignorance we invent,

Time wasted we could have spent,

Fixing all that is torn.

Maybe then man-kind would be reborn.


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