The Pounding of Life

It is there,

always has been

and always will.

That Incessant pounding, 

screams of hatred and bitterness

all aimed directly at me.

Ever since I was old enough to think

the pounding was there.

At first I didn't understand it,

I thought it was something wrong with me,

but then I realized it was not me that was wrong,

but the world I was in.

The world, dispite what is said,

is a rotting cesspool of  hatred and greed

A cocophany of lies, amidst thousands upon thousands of hairless rats

all climbing up,

struggling to reach the bright blue sky that was never there.

I tried to make the pounding stop,

with opiates of life and death.

but it never stopped.

And it wasn't until I completely let go

and let the hairless rats eat me alive that I realized,

that the pounding was my own hands

clawing inside my tomb.

And I wish

more than anything else in the world,

had I the power to do anything,

I would choose to never have been born.


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