Crying Skies

Fri, 05/16/2014 - 02:07 -- Mbm2123





Trail down the roofs

And back to the Earth.

Empathy fills the darkness,

Flooding the evening in tears

As troubled thoughts linger

Within the stillness of the air.


Melancholy takes flight

On a cold, rainy night

When a noisy nation sleeps

And the sky speaks out loud.

Clouds weep in heartache

With tears upon land

And mask the many scars,

The tattoos of disregard.


Thoughts that have trailed

Are now abruptly disturbed

As a whip cracks in terror

….The shrieks of displeasure.

Several strikes taken

Against all those responsible

For a stars’ painful death

And a Sky’s crying eyes.


Revelation will awaken

On a cold, rainy night.

The earth

The sun

The moon

All perfectly aligned.

Mystical orange hues

Glow in the sky like fire,

Some comfort for the clouds

And their mournful wet eyes.


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