The Guide to Utopia


If I could change one simple thing,

It would be the hearts of Men.


To replace the hunger for gold and silver

With the yearning for love and belonging.


Businessmen with sharp suits and sharper tongues

Their black eyes and blacker souls

Make critical decisions every day

Choosing profitability over hospitality,

Cutting down forests to build plants

When we should be planting trees.
Wicked sludge is pumped into our waters

Drowning the fish, and poisoning our Earth

Our home.


Truly, if Men could take their minds off their wallets

And focus on what truly matters, not profits,

But helping thine neighbor,

We could see the end of calamity,

The end of this insanity.


If everyone looked out for each other,

No one would be forsaken, for if one would fall,

They would have a safety net of those who care

To help them back onto their feet.

Instead of making sure we get maximum profit,

We would make sure we were making maximum comfort

For everyone else.


For in the end, the rich man

And the poor man

Are both buried, six feet down in dirt

It’s up to the living whether or not

That dirt Is toxic.


This is the remedy, this is the solution—

Love each other, and we will all be set free.



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