Here's to Change, MY Change

"What would you change?"

This is such a difficult question; one that is full of conflicting ideas. I mean, what would I change? That's very subjective, and not many people would agree but here goes nothing.


First, I would change how people perceive me. It's cocky of me think that I'm the best person in the whole freaking world, when I'm not; after all I have flaws, and  not all of them are beautiful but they are mine.


That would be the first change.


Second, fix my attitude on EVERYTHING. Honestly, I can be  optimistic, but then I can be pessimistic with a little bit of realistic in me. As a whole, I am called idealistic by many. Strange, isn't? People change their beliefs and ideals constantly, steadily. 


Third,  change how I change. Maybe a new haircut or style of dress; something I can physically see to assure myself of my decision.

It's more convincing that way.


When asked "What would you change?" stop and take a moment. Do not say what you cannot do unless you're a dreamer with a cause. Change what you have, then go to infinity and beyond. 

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