Cyanide oozes from it’s rotting tongue; a toxic bitterness coats it’s decaying teeth

It’s wide, smug grin lacks shame and regret

It’s every syllable comes across like a half hearted death threat

It must be terribly insecure underneath

Ignorance looks blissful, at the very least

It’s eyes shine dully with the belief that it knows the answer to everything

Each of it’s insecure glares feels like a blistering and boiling sting

Sometimes I feel as though nothing can tame the beast


But, if you pear closer into it’s weary, greying eyes

You can catch glimpses and flickers of human life

Lives that have never known anything except for ignorance and strife

People with decaying souls where purity and bliss dies

Maybe I could reach through the monsters imprisoning ribcage

And count all the butterflies humanity left inside its empty stomach

This poem is about: 
Our world
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