A better world comes out of making plans out of those dreams

If I could play god for just one day
To change any one thing
To make this world a better place
Then I would make it impossible for one human being to enslave another
And thus abolish human trafficking for good forever
A place where no more child is robbed of their childhood,
Or used as a means to bringing about another's livelihood
Where they may no longer fear for their lives,
Hold a weapon in their hands, and kill in order to survive.
A place where they run around making sandcastles on beaches
Or learning how to add or spell from what their instructor teaches
Not being passed on from one stranger to another
Living out the darkest hours of human depravity in the shadowed corners
A place far from Darwinian rules of natural selection
Where each child may have an opportunity to learn and grow
Through God's intended process of maturation.
A place where no more women are stolen away in the night
With no way out, their freedom, their debt in the hands of
Their perverted, greedy knights
Where they need not dull their senses, put on a smile, and invite.
Where each woman has equal chance to let their dreams take flight.
Generations later, our country still pays
For the bondage and enslavement of our fellow person
The long-lasting consequences of which still exist today
In the forms of poverty, distrust, bitterness, and contention.
Too often we, the free, sit on the sidelines
Moaning and groaning how terrible the state of the world is in
We charge a dollar or two to non-profit organizations
Come Monday, we start the cycle up again of giving and forgetting
We thank the powers above that we weren't born into such atrocities
But just because it's not us or our blood that we think we are absolved of any responsibility
Because it is a right, not a privilege, to be free.
It transcends all man-made borders and religious/cultural/political complexities 
I can sit here and wish all I want
Or instead, I could raise awareness,
Invest in life rather than temporary, material wealth and restlessness,
Give and not forget,
One day provide more than just bread,
But a home full of warmth and love
For someone who was never told that they were enough.


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