The World Only You Can Destroy

Sat, 03/01/2014 - 14:22 -- Nez

As a 19 year black man in today's America,


you'd think I'd have a mountain of things to change,


and not just how I wish college tuition was free,


If you want an example look at how we're portrayed by the media,


If the media was had an actual shape, I'd imagine it would be a 60 foot tall cyclops that terrorizes all of the known world with its recklessness. Its covered in shiny armor losely spread across its enormous body, enough so that you could spot it's weak points and lapses in argument, but no one brave enough to fire had strong enough ammunition to even damage the atrocity as it continues its rampage through towns shooting libel lazer beams, swinging its giant axes full of lies, and indiscriminately firing slander missiles at whomever decided to oppose the beast.


Whats worse than the monster itself, are those that have fallen to it's logic


Those poor souls who regurgitate everything the monster had forced upon them as if it was divine intervention from God himself (or herself, who knows?)


mindless zombies who howl vicariously at the moon from the safety of the chairs on the internet.


I H A T E H O W T H E S E R A P P E R S A R E R U I N I N G O U R C O U N T R Y T H E Y A R E N O T H I N G B U T G O O D F O R N O T H I N G T H U G S A N D I R  E F U S E T O L E T M Y C H I L D A S S O C I A T E W I T H A N Y O N E W I T H D A R K E R S K I N B E C A U S E T H E Y M U S T B E  G U N T O T I N G D R U G S E L L I N G H O O L I G A N S W I T H N O H O M E T R A I N I N G B U T I A M N O T R A C I S T I J U S T W O R R Y F O R T H E S A F E T Y O F T H I S C O U N T R Y


You can read alot of crazy stuff on comment boards.


My moms always tells me to ignore the ignorance, but why?


These are people too are they not?


We aren't any better than these people ranting so why not reach out to them?


Am I supposed to subjugate myself to their way of thinking and move on knowing that to many people I am still nothing but a tool to direct their misguided hate upon?


That, two years ago, on February 26, 2012 that 17 year old that was mercilessly gunned down for no good reason could have been me? Or It could have been one of my siblings would have been murdered in cold blood a couple months ago for playing loud rap music in a car in the wrong (read: bigoted) neighborhood?

What am I supposed to do about this?


If I could............If I could change this..........maybe things would get better...


But how?


If I just forcifully make people follow my doctrines how am I any better than the media?


If I just wish for happy place for me and people like me, someone, somewhere is going to get the short end of the stick.


I can't make everyone happy.


If I wished for more food for a starving group of African people, another group would still go hungry. 


It's near impossible to everyone's opinion to sway towards yours without some sort of brainwashing.


A "perfect" world is impossible.


Which is why I decided that if I could change one thing about the world, about this life that we live in I would choose that we the people would change.


We would all have more love and kindness in our hearts.


If people were more willing to help others, than they would. If people could get past their fear & misconceptions of groups different from themselves, then racism would plummet. Everyone does their fair share of dirt, but if we stick together everthing will work out in the end.


It doesn't solve every problem on Earth immediately, but it would plant the seeds for a better tommorrow.


I know it's just optimistic ramblings, but this is the goal i strive for. Trying to influence as man people as I can to have a little more joy in their hearts.


So this is the one thing I would change about the world, and I can't achieve it without everyone. So anybody reading this, spread a little more love and little more understanding, and little by little, we can make this world a better place.


Thank you for reading.


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