To be free.

To live as those others live,

with smiles plastered crookedly on all of our familiar faces


of happiness and hope that the world

will recover.

We will all be okay.


In one arm, man may take his brother

and in the other

his sister.

Remembering that the world can recover

and we all

will be okay.


I have dreams

visions, too

that man will wake up

to see his poor reflection, and realize

change is the only medium by which

he can paint a brighter future.


I have visions--

vivid scenes of unwarring enemies

turned into brothers and sisters--

that conflict may see its reflection

wretching at every ache, ours

are much deeper than that.


Remember not the days spent wandering aimlessly

speaking only to set another's mouth aflame

but the visions we saw

I saw

in a dream

where the world and its children didn't hurt themselves anymore.

Smiles plastered on its thirteen-billion faces,

We will all be okay.



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