Sean's change


Sean realized at a young age

Other boys were not quite the same

He wasn’t on the same page


No one was to blame

He was so estranged

He felt naught but shame


He tried more than once to be changed

But still he liked boys

He thought himself deranged


All the others wanted noise

He wanted to curl up with a book

They screamed for toys


He stood by to look

He was met with a sneer

He felt like a crook


All they did was jeer

Gave him nothing but taunts

Anytime he was near


He sought solace with his aunts

But it wasn’t quite right

He had unmet wants


Just to get in a fight

To get that feeling

Alas, he thought, I’m slight


No more reeling

With his own version of inner pain

Now was the time for his healing


Maybe it wasn’t a flaw in his brain

But with them

It was simply a lack of feeling plain


He was the gem

Not a lump of coal

No longer could he condemn


Himself to feeling as only half of a whole

He was born anew

And they were still in that old hole


On this problem he began to chew

How to make them see

He wasn’t just one of a few


Accepting they should be

Not filled with hate

He was still part of the life tree




A person just not straight

But still a person


It was decided by fate


No need for them to worsen

Something that is already hard

No need for him to feel like urine


Slowly they began to discard

The poisonous thoughts

And then became his guard


To blunt the pain that felt like constant shots

Then they all sought

To untie society’s crazy knots


To let all people be taught

That gays are not what they thought


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