Brother in the Street

Siblings of the Street, I'm sorry

you have been


No family left, the only mother you have

if one of Earth. 

Her hugs are cold, and her skin rough

unlike the hand we should have given you.

Your dream is not a dream deferred 

rather a dream demolished

lost in the hollow streets with no home to shelter it.

I cannot revive your dream, 

but I want to help you dream again.

The only problem is that there are too many siblings

who have been cast onto the river of concrete.

If there were homes to give, I would give

for you deserve a place 

to be warm and to be human again.

Behind the glossed gaze of hopelessness

I see a kindred spirit

I live behind walls of wood,

but your walls of concrete  have sapped your humanity.

I want to help retrive them

is that too much to ask?





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