Just One Night



  **It was just one night

As I turned on my light
I saw in the mirror a girl dressed in red

"You look amazing!" all my friends said.

We wanted a night of fun, something to remember

With love and laughter, we headed off to dinner.

----I'm a screw-up, a failure.

Living inside my crappy trailer
Holding the papers in my hand that determines my fate
I drive to the bar as it is getting late.

**Just a freshman in college

Tonight I wouldn't acknowledge

All the homework that was due

Hanging with the girls was certainly new

Drinking wasn't necessarily my thing

So instead I chose to go outside and swing

----Why can't I forget it all?

I think as I start to bawl

I wish I could start brand new

Maybe then none of it would be true

I keep drinking to forget everything that's troubling

As I waste away my night grumbling

**I decided I should go have some fun

A guy approached me, "Let's dance, Hon."

I accepted his proposal

I told myself I needed to be more social

After some dancing, my stomach started to ache

I knew that I must take a break

----My vision is blurry

Someone beside me starts to worry

"You should go home. I'll call a cab"

"No, I cannot afford the tab."

I walk out not looking back

Heading for my car, my keys in my sack

**I told my friends it was time for me to go

I walked to my car with them in tow

As I drove home I thought about last week

I noticed I passed by my favorite creek

My friends were wasted

But they were elated

They laughed a bunch

I thought they drank too much

"Can y'all be a little quieter?"

"Why don't you ever-"

And that's all I remember

----Am I stupid, yes?

I only drank a little, but that's just a guess

Driving down the street

I didn't see the dog quick on its feet

Until it was too late

I know I am not in a good state

Still I choose to swerve out of the way

Only then do I begin to pray

I could not stop

I know what is coming and it makes my heart drop

I wake up in a hospital bed

I see the handcuffs and know what's ahead

I think, "What have I done?

Will my future be in a cell room for one?
I killed a girl

Who no longer is a pearl

In her mother's eyes

There is no disguise

That someone no longer can thrive

Because of my dumb mistake to drink and drive  


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