The Rescues


Thank you for caring.
You saw me for who I was,
Not that mess of shabby fur,
But the light shining in my eyes.

Thank you for taking
Me to a place where I did not have
To fear what was to come,
But rather look forward to it.

Thank you for believing
That time and love
Could heal my wounds.
You knew that it would happen.
But I never thought it never could.

Thank you for giving.
Me the life I hold so close,
For now I have a place
That I can call my own.

Thank you for being
The voice I never had
And for listening
For when I tried to speak.

Thank you for inspiring
The others who have come forth
With goals much like yours.
All with the same sense of hope
That you gave me.

If only more could be like you
To see the good still left to do.

-the Rescues



Heart-warming. Keep writing!

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