The Story of a Girl

Sun, 01/26/2014 - 14:27 -- taraob


In a world overrun with the pressure to be perfect, lives a girl tired of feeling helpless.

 Day after day she puts on a smile and pretends not care about her sickening appearance.

A bulging stomach, wide hips, and massive thighs stare back at her when she peers into a mirror. 

Battling against her mind and body, 

The girl fights the urge to destroy herself.

Too quite, too pensive, too plump, and too flawed, 

She is cursed by the animosity that conquers her mind.

One day, the girl decides to take her life back,

She doesn't want to feel this way anymore. 

This girl hates her body. 

And this girl is no longer me. 

Guide that inspired this poem: 



I believe all girls feel this way sometimes. This is very good

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