It Must Begin With You


If I could choose to change one thing, 

I'd choose to make you laugh.

Yes, you, dear stranger,

walking down the street. 

Yes you, you,

reading by the tree,

dancing in the breeze,

standing in the line of the grocery,

hurrying past the café on the corner

hoping to not be late to the next worker's assembly.

You don't know me, 

nor I, you. 

But we're not strangers, not really.

We're brothers and sisters.

I'm part of the Earth, too. 

If we could just spread a little kindness,

each and every day. 

Little by little, you'll see changes

among your community 

and family. 

But nothing will happen,

not unless it's something you'll decide to do.

It starts with you, my dear brother or sister. 

It must begin with you.


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