The Minority of the Minorities


I would change the view of a minority,

minority currently is,

Anyone who has squinted eyes,

Or is darker than the average spray tan, but naturally.


Minorities are gifted,

With money,

Because supposedly it’s needed,

When in reality merit is overshadowed.


There lies the problem.


In scholarship interviews for “minorities” I struggle,

I am not the typical minority,

I have not had struggles based on my ethnicity.

Could be because I was adopted

Into a majority family,

Or because color is not a disability.


I feel as if I am not black enough,

To be in competition with these other minorities,

The scholarships are based off of scholarly activity,

But the most qualified,

Have to fall to merit awards,

Because they cannot compare,

To the minorities that have the most dramatic backgrounds,

In high hopes for a turn around story.


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