"Change" is such a funny word,

always begging for attention.

With its sloppy "chhh" slurred,

constantly eluding comprehension.


"Change" really is a funny word.

Don't you think I'm right?

No one taking action until its spurred.

Why? Well, tell me, would you put up the fight?


"Change" is such a crazy notion,

I mean, just look at the world we've made.

Everything riddled with commotion, 

and every grey a different shade.


"Change" is such a mystery,

such an absolute enigma.

One day its human rights and slavery,

the next it's this "no gay marriage!" stigma.


"Change" is always changing,

flip-flopping between good meanings and bad.

Change is always rearranging;

our ideas going mad.


"Change"  is like an emotion,

it can't be forced upon another.

You can't make someone love the Ocean,

like some believe two dads could never replace a mother.


"Change" is what you ask of me,

what about the world would I alter?

But I know I can't change the way people see.

Some just can't accept anything being different; bigger or smaller.


"Change" is not the thing I push for,

because change is not a "thing" at all.

I push for the minds of people to evolve more,

from merely a roll to a crawl.


"Change" is such a funny word,

always being tossed around but never being done.

It's because we can't try to change a world that's been so blurred.

People have to change themselves for the battle to be won.


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